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The “Webification” of Real-Time Communications

Thursday, July 7, 2016

by Patrick Joggerst, Executive Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, GENBAND

The “webification” of real-time communications (RTC) refers to communications being embedded into the Web and made accessible on any screen, which is something we see happening in an increasing number of applications. Embedding RTC into web applications helps deliver a richer and better user experience by making online interactions more human. Developers, including those of sophisticated software that powers major business processes, are taking note of this trend and starting to capitalize on its benefits.

The webification of RTC not only enables immediate access to communication with an individual in order to accomplish a task, but also offers a fuller context to make communication more efficient and productive. With embedded RTC, processes are measurably faster and better integrated. For example, if you want to call someone from a mailing list, embedded communications could mean their most recent emails are immediately pushed forward while you call, creating a complete view of your communications with that individual.

Companies that are already taking advantage of this type of innovation include SAP, which is inserting rich communications and collaboration into its software – and thus, into fundamental business processes. One way that SAP is doing this is by reselling GENBAND’s communications PaaS,, as the SAP Real-Time Communicator Web application by GENBAND. With’s advanced embedded communications capabilities, the SAP Real-Time Communicator allows enterprises of all sizes to improve workflow and communication processes by helping to enable sales, service and business professionals to chat, videoconference and collaborate in real-time with their customers and co-workers.

Another example of the webification of RTC is the MINDME app. The MINDME approach and app were developed to provide pathways for people who are chronically depressed and at risk of taking their own lives. Using, MINDME makes it possible for individuals suffering from depression and experiencing suicidal thoughts to access self-driven treatment or professional help 24/7 directly from the app. When immediate human intervention is needed, a live conversation starts using either instant messaging, voice or video at the touch of a button.

Toy Genius, a store which offers a selection of hand-picked toys, is also using Kandy to embrace embedded communications through the industry standard, WebRTC. Kandy’s WebRTC video capabilities power Toy Genius’ VIP virtual concierge service, giving customers an elite shopping experience that is deeper and more engaging than the traditional ecommerce experience.

Apps featuring embedded real-time communications will soon become commonplace and innovators like SAP, MindMe and Toy Genius are leading the way.

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