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24 Hours of Kandy at Hack NJIT

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

By: Carl Baptiste

When you think of college freshmen, you think of new found freedom, pizza, hanging out with new friends, and a few all-nighters.

Earlier this month, an all-nighter for software developers was fueled by Kandy, GENBAND’s Platform-as-a-Service.

The New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) 24-hour Hackathon on November 8-9, sponsored by Kandy was a healthy competition as students competed for cash, drones and tablets at this event.

To enter the competition, the participants had to be active college students that were at least 18 years old.  Approximately 150 college students gathered at NJIT to participate in the Hackathon including students from New Jersey Institute of Technology, Boston University, Carnegie Mellon, University of Waterloo in Canada, Vanderbilt and Purdue among others.


Kandy’s sponsorship of the event included providing students access to the Kandy platform, allowing them to leverage the simplicity and power of the cloud to enhance their applications with Real-Time Communications. The Kandy API and SDK code enabled functions and features to be integrated into applications through dragging and dropping code snippets.

Two teams won the Kandy sponsored Best Use of Real-Time Communications App awards at Hack NJIT including Mohammad Salim, Jonathan Tan and Mark Zgaljic of Heliograph and Zill Christian and Yassin Olabi of 2v2 Debug.

Heliograph creatively used the Kandy code in their applications to construct a “hero” app allowing a driver having car trouble to send a distress call out to an area through IM that alerts local tow trucks that they need assistance.

The 2v2 Debug team used Kandy to express their love of gaming in creating a multi-party code debug game that invites teams to compete against each other to debug code segments while connecting with video and IM.

Hackathon-NJIT-2   Hackathon-NJIT-3

With minimal effort freshmen college students were able to apply the Kandy code to their web and mobile applications in as little as 30 minutes during the Hackathon event allowing them to sweeten and enrich the applications they had designed.

During the event, Kandy team members could be seen encouraging the teams, including Patrick Asher in his Kandy pink jacket.

“If college freshmen can deploy Kandy in just minutes to their applications, anyone can do it!” Patrick said.


Kandy team members worked alongside other corporate sponsors to be available to the teams to offer a dose of Kandy through answering questions and supporting the next generation of programmers in this event. Hackathons like the Hack NJIT support their local tech communities while allowing companies to have their APIs used to create new and innovative solutions to solve everyday problems, or to simply create a new game while hanging out with their friends with pizza in hand.

Kandy will be sponsoring future Hackathons – follow at, @KANDY_io, and

To watch footage from the Hack NJIT event please view the following video.

Hackathon NJIT Video


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