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48 hours in Seattle

Monday, December 19, 2016

by Alex Donn, Kandy developer relations

From 48 hours of hacking, 50 gallons of coffee, 120+ creative thinkers, 21 hard-working teams came an awesome lineup of inspired ideas. Teams combined T-Mobile SIMs, boards and APIs from, and to create a number of unique and innovative hacks that a number of the judges said that they wish were on the market today. While there were seasoned developers in attendance vying for the $10k+ in prizes, there were also number of grade school, high school and university students who participated as well. Some even brought their own microprocessors such as Intel, Arduino, Tessel and Raspberry Pi boards.

Invisible computing was the theme explored at the recent Seattle Interactive Conference Hackathon, which was sponsored by a number of companies:, T-mobile,, Apptentive and By combining a communications API like with an IoT accelerator device like or Raspberry Pi, the developer teams created product prototypes that a number of the judges said that they wish were on the market today.

To frame up this coding challenge, we had Sharon Read from Seattle Tiny Home and Gene Ehrbar from HP how to invisibly integrate technology with efficient home design as well as production wearable design/development with the hope of helping the attendees see the larger picture of technology need within the ecosystem.

The “Internet of Things” can be a tricky space to navigate especially with so many hardware and software development options/preferences. Team USES was able to creatively leverage both and a Rapsberry Pi to create a home monitoring system that watched for motion and then notified the home owner via the SMS API and then as a second step, call the owner via video with the API. As a REST API,’s communication capabilities can be easily adapted to any platform as the students have so easily shown!

Big thanks goes out to T-Mobile,, Seattle Interactive Conference and for providing an insane amount of free hardware! Also to the mentors who brought their own gear to help with soldering, wiring and spare parts!


kandy developers


As for the top five (5) of twenty-one (21) teams selected to present at the Seattle Interactive Conference on October 18th, here they are in no particular order:

  • Trekhouse
  • Nahm
  • BabyBand
  • Dashmeister
  • USES

For the sponsored prizes, the following teams received the following awards:

  • Honorable Mention - Youngest Hacker - Elias
  • $1k Award - Team TinySuite

And here is a complete list of teams with descriptions:

Team Stumble - "stumble" into new places.

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used:,, Twilio

Team TrekHouse - Aging in-home care technology solutions that increased communication, smart home maintenance, and emergency and automated home maintenance.

Team TextMySo - Send's your significant other a text when you reach work

  • Github Repo: github repo removed
  • Technology Used: Vinli, IFTTT

Team Elias - Tea maker in the car, it makes your tea for you while you are driving to work.

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used: Littlebits

Team Argus - IoT enabled Live Stream camera with smart sensing technologies

  • Github Repo: github repo removed
  • Technology Used: Twilio, Arduino, Python Machine Learning, Open CV, OBS, Twitch, Raspberry Pi

Team Baby Band - Vitals of your child can be monitored by your smart phone. This includes GPS, Heart rate, and environmental temperature.

  • Github Repo: github repo removed
  • Technology Used: Particle and its temperature kit

Team OurCars - Track your connected cars. Read data about battery level, last startup and shutdown times, fuel level, and current or last reported location. Check if you left your lights on, turn them off remotely.

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used:, Electron,

Team RemotePetFoodDispenser - Pet can request for treat while the owner is away from their home and also the owner can message back to the device to provide treat for their pets.                   

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used: Particle io, Flashing Firmwares and getting the HTTP Request and Responses to work with the SMS.

Team Nahm - We’re Nahm and we created a system to measure water consumption in the home. Why? California is currently struggling through its worst drought in over 500 years and we expect this problem to spread to other states as water tables drop. While the problem is not entirely consumer consumption (hint, hint, … corporations), the government and utility companies are asking consumers to be more ""mindful"" with their water consumption, but how mindful can we be when we only see an end-of-month summary of gross water usage and a nice big bill to pay. We believe there is value in tightening the feedback loop between the water bill and consumption behavior. The device we made can be installed at water outlets, e.g. the shower, toilet, dishwasher using standard plumbing connections to provide greater insight into water consumption and empower consumers to take control of their water consumption behavior. Additionally, this device can be a channel for utility companies to gamify and reward water conscious customers." among others.

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used:, Raspberry Pi, Flow Meter, Firebase, iOS, web, Alexa, Arduino

Team SmartFlow - We built a voice controlled connected shower which knows your preferences on flow and temperature and encourages you to conserve water resources by giving you real-time feedback on your usage activity, and motivates you to conserve through a competitive gaming component.

  • Github Repo: github repo removed
  • Technology Used: Alexa, Android, Arduino,, Nodejs, MongoDB, REST

Team TinySuite - This device allows users to view data on their tiny home, including humidity, temperature, and motion while they set the device to away mode. Also provided is a dashboard layer, and a Alexa integration.

Team SmartChair     SmartChair is a connected seat cushion that corrects sitting posture and eliminates back pain.

Team TinyBuddy - Tiny home owners often have trouble finding a place to park their tiny homes. Our iOS app allows people to easily and swiftly find places to park their homes as well as share grey area parking zones to others.

Team U.S.E.S. - USES is a smart home security system that integrates bluetooth modules to allow for customer home integration.

  • Github Repo: github repo removed   
  • Technology Used: Kinect, Raspberry Pi, Android,, Node.js

Team Dashmeister! - Dashmeister is a hands-free solution for sleep management during driving road trips."Connected Car: notice that you're sleepy so you can switch with your road trip buddy Tiny Home: wakes you up to help your road trip buddy drive the tiny home!

Both: track your sleep"

  • Github Repo: None
  • Technology Used: iOS & OpenCV

Team Capt|ur (capture) - What happens after your car is broken into, your bike lock is cut or your purse is stolen? Usually, your efforts to reclaim stolen property are limited to police authorities, leaving your vast social network out of the loop. Capt|ur rallies your entire network around your pursuit of stolen property by providing a platform for reporting your emergency incident, while pre-recorded information about your valuables can be instantly and automatically shared upon approval through our mobile platform. This automated transmission of information can be triggered by existing security devices, which now includes our modular visual intruder alert system.          

Team Carmera - Next Generation Smart Car Cam

  • Github Repo:       
  • Technology Used: 360 Video, Python scripts, Azure VM, Kandy, OpenALPR, Deep Learning YoLO

Team Shujaa - A location-based tracking platform for endangered species

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