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And the Kandy Mexico City Internal Hackathon is a Wrap!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

by Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations  

With a total of seven teams, the GENBAND Mexico City office packed in to its conference room and hacked together apps leveraging over the course of two days. The hackathon was highly structured to provide an amazing first experience with rapid innovation, development and design. The teams came into the event with mostly program management experience and most never having been to a hackathon. The developer support team stayed up late into the night with the various teams to pump out a number of awesome projects that showcased

This Mexico City GENBAND hackathon was the fourth internal one that has hosted within GENBAND and like Facebook, these events are designed to introduce the organization to new technologies, new ways of looking at challenges and open collaboration in a fun environment. A couple of the teams were able to produce Android apps that leveraged the API as well as location and even text-to-speech!

Events such as hackathons have recently taken center stage as corporations are increasingly willing to work across industries to achieve joint goals - namely improved collaboration, skills development and idea generation. While this event was limited to GENBAND employees only, the concepts of rapid innovation, failing fast, cross-team collaboration and group learning were emphasized and reinforced through a structured timeline over the course of the event.

Onsite, we had our JavaScript SDK development team ready with MacBooks in tow to help the groups deploy their very creative ideas.  The team stayed late into the night helping the groups with CSS and JavaScript tweaks to make the apps as awesome as possible. The ideas were solid, unique and very well presented.
Following is a complete list of projects along with prize winners.  

Best Use of

Team SecondSight - Enables vision-impaired individuals to receive help with an app that uses gestures for interaction. The project included full Android native app with Kandy Android SDK and contact integration.

Best Presentation:

Team InsurSelf - Mobile app that enables instant assistance via the API. It also allows instant emergency assistance with the push of one button. The app offers priority routing with to a live person on the other side. The concierge can assist with anything from simple repairs to life-threatening situations. The app leveraged Kandy’s video capabilities and Adobe Fireworks 5.

Best UI:

Team MeltedCare - An app that provides a social network of healthcare “helpers” that can assist individuals in the following areas: instant messaging, voice and video.

Honorable Mention:

Team HealthTrack - An app that helps individuals maintain motivation for a healthy lifestyle. With obesity a major issue within both the US and Mexico, HealthTrack helps users maintain portion control, eat healthier, exercise on a more regular schedule and even enlist friends to help give them encouragement for a healthier lifestyle. With's embedded communications features, live motivational video, messages and live video sessions can help users advance towards achieving their health goals.

Team Gentube - An app that uploads training videos by integrating video after the video is shown. This enables testing to occur with a live person that can more accurately determine absorption levels.

Team WeFix - Uber for handymen - One touch to get a handyman! A social network for pre-qualified handymen for chores around the house and things that you cannot fix yourself. It offers the  ability for the handyman to immediately see the client's home and give faster estimates as well as being better able to give a quick yes/no answer regarding whether or not they can fix the problem because the contractor can see what they need to work on. It also offers the ability to rate the contractor.

Team MyKompanion - An app that enables GPS tracking of family members - young and old. enables families to stay safe and nearby, by knowing where their family members are at all times. With MyKompanion, familiy members can quickly find out where their missing family members are and reach out via with an automatic pick-up on the receiving side so that the receiver doesn't have to have an understanding of technology. 

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