Sara Hughes

    Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience

    Sara Hughes is Vice President of Marketing & Customer Experience at Kandy Communications, an AVC technologies company. Sara has over 30 years of B2B experience as a customer, technology service provider & manufacturer. Sara has extensive experience in marketing, large & small account sales, business development, operations, technical support & consulting. Sara’s passion is to help businesses redefine customer experience, increase customer retention, manage costs & drive revenues for high tech cloud-based services. Sara holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Baylor University and an MBA from Southern Methodist University. Sara previously worked for GENBAND (now Ribbon Communications), BroadSoft (now Cisco), Tekelec, VocalData, Global Knowledge and GTE Customer Networks (now Verizon). Sara is also an active board member for two holding companies helping startup & small-cap businesses in IT, marketing & operations.

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