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Bangalore, the way

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The hackathon in Bangalore was one of the most intense I have been to with 100% of the teams sticking it out overnight on a caffeine-fueled development binge. The interest and intensity of the developers was awesome and it was a pleasure to work with such focused individuals.

The goal of the weekend was pairing the embedded communications API with a Raspberry Pi and creating a communication device for home or public use. To this end, the developers delivered spectacularly with projects ranging from emergency response apps to home automation.

Team iSpy had a very creative and well-developed project that focused on home security & communication. The solution provided remote door access as well as communication between dwellings. Through a single app, the home owner and authorized dwellers could remotely give secure two factor authenticated access to the main door of a condo or house. The person entering the dwelling had to key in a one-time passphrase issued via the API data channel and be video-identified, proof of which was delivered to the home owner via video.

Another team with an interesting concept was Team Zense, who built an app to make local government projects more accessble to local citizens while enabling discussion via the API. What is really interesting about their project is that they had a natural language autoresponder bot built with @AlchemyAPI that can comprehend natural language from people that text in via their app.

And without further ado, the winners are:

  • Best Overall Use of - 34k Rupees - Team HulkBusters
  • Best Use of + Raspberry Pi - 17k Rupees - Team iSpy
  • Honorable Mention - 8500 Rupees - Team CodeSparts
  • Honorable Mention - 8500 Rupees - Team Zense
  • Honorable Mention - Raspberry Pi 2 Kit - Team Blitzer

The complete list of projects/teams:

Team Zense - Connecting Citizens to Information - This is a simple chat based application that connects ordinary citizen to various government agencies. Using this app people can view various government projects near them, comment and provide general feedback. Crowd oversight of these government projects can give essential details about the status of the project and whether the work is being done properly. This can help identify contractors who do not deliver as expected. Intelligence is built right into the application and analyzes the feedback to assess whether it is positive or negative. This can then be used to understand local situations and where additional resources may need to be allocated.

Team Blitzer - Emergency Help App - This project is to built to connect citizens with local law enforcement teams in case of an emergency. Incident is captured by the support team with video and location so they can dispatch local team for help. They can provide first aid tips or survival tips for current scenario.

Team iSPY - Guarding Your Fortress - Replacing security personnel with an automated 2FA security system at the entry point to a residential complex as a more efficient and cost effective alternative. Future scope - Can be extended to large corporate industries and universities.

Team CodeSparts - Remote Health Diagnostics - Our hack employs Kandy's WebRTC to create a patient-doctor communication interface. The essence lies in the integration of detecting pulse rate of the patient through the input video stream, which is then communicated to the doctor. This enables the doctor to diagnose the patient with his/her pulse rate as a vital body parameter. Team Members: @shubhamk008 @codeRuth @wikramwack @vasanthn7 @surajkm0907

Team HulkBusters - A personal guide for those in need - Our aim is to provide a hand-held guide/helper mainly targeting foreign tourists; through the use of a raspberry pi as the device, and a web-app which uses kandy io api and thus acts as an interface between the user (tourist) and the agent (guide).

Team KandyAlarm - Embarrassing Alarm App - An app that calls random people and shows them your current state of sleeping until you wake up. API + Raspberry Pi + Webcam. Brilliant eh?

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