Benefits Beyond SIP with SIP Trunking as a Service

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SIP trunking is continuing to grow as a leading way to connect SIP (VoIP) telephony systems with connectivity providers as it has for nearly two decades. When VoIP became the de facto protocol for voice calls, given the disruptive economics compared to using dedicated circuits to connect headquarters with branch offices, adoption skyrocketed. Innovators found new collaboration applications-based on VoIP including unifying communications between traditional telephony, software-based platforms (Zoom, MS Teams, etc.) and cloud contact center platforms enabling agents to work from their homes if they had a stable Internet connection with high enough bandwidth.

The Proliferation of Real-Time Collaboration

SIP trunking has so many benefits that communication service providers (CSPs) made this a mainstay for their own competitive advantage. This drove billions of dollars in new revenue when those CSPs resold the equipment and software necessary for organizations to transform their national and international networks, including Session Border Controllers (SBC) with VoIP routing capabilities that improved availability, quality, and enabled new feature sets. Carriers sold more Internet access, communication service providers sold more services, managed service providers sold more related products and solutions, and application developers built “over the top” innovations, all of which led to the proliferation of real-time collaboration (voice, video, and messaging, document sharing, screen sharing and more).

This has enabled massive successes from companies like Microsoft with their popular Teams platform, and the embedding of session management over an even more powerful Internet, which is soon going to grow further as 5G and ultra-wide broadband become increasingly ubiquitous.

Introducing SIP Trunking as a Service (STaaS)

SIP Trunking advantages are many, but SIP Trunking as a Service (STaaS) is game changing.

SIP Trunking as a Service is defined by Kandy as a multi-tenant cloud-based solution that combines market-leading SIP trunk security and PBX federation capabilities. Once connected, users can overlay our world-class unified communication services, with modern, robust client services that reduce costs, simplify access, and enhance the user experience.

Kandy's highly secure, scalable, and resilient SIP Trunking service – hosted and managed in the cloud - reduces CAPEX and OPEX.  It enables CSPs to:

  1. Significantly reduce traditional operational challenges when rolling out SIP trunking
  2. Expand global reach and expedite time to market
  3. Accelerate revenue with easy self-provisioning via intuitive portals
  4. Grow revenues and margins with new hosted PBX overlay services
  5. Add revenue by embedding SIP trunks in business applications
  6. Differentiate and extend offers with Kandy’s innovative APIs and SDKs

Simplify Operations and Accelerate Time to Market

With Kandy’s proven and resilient, scalable infrastructure that includes industry leading SBCs and application servers, Kandy reduces PBX interoperability costs, simplifies maintenance, and eliminates operational frustration. Kandy’s easy-to-use, self-service portal can be white-labelled for service providers for better service and time-to-market.

Any Access Network

Quickly go to market with our comprehensive SIP Trunking capabilities.  Use any IP access network including public internet, VPN, private networks such as T1/E1, MPLS, and SD-WAN. 

Bring Your Own PSTN

Kandy SIP Trunking integrates with a service provider’s own PSTN network, or with our service provider partners, or bring-your-own-carrier (BYOC). Kandy integrates DIDs, local and long distance, and international PSTN origination, toll-free, emergency, and directory services.

Global Reachability

Deploy Kandy SIP Trunking globally, across multiple redundant data centers, serving North America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia.

SIP Trunking as a Service Features

  • Instantly activate DID and configure SIP Trunks using Kandy’s intuitive self-service portals - for admins and users
  • Assure robust network and user security with hosted SBC using both signaling and media encryption, and call trust such as anti-SPAM, STIR/SHAKEN
  • Create a unified experience across multiple locations by combining SIP Trunks at one site with cloud PBX services at another site or for remote employees
  • Keep employees connected to customers and coworkers by enabling advanced call treatment
  • Provide more value by assuring that every call gets connected. Dynamically add capacity to manage unexpected call volume
  • scalability and cost-effectiveness of multi-tenant SBCs for STaaS   versus on-premise or dedicated virtual SBCs
  • Assure high-quality communications and support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Kandy’s QoS reports & built-in analytics

Benefit from These SIP Trunking Advantages Today

To benefit the most from the implementation of SIP Trunking, you can expect to see the biggest difference when you install a system for your entire business. With managed SIP services, you can get the most from the latest SIP technologies while at the same time bridging the gap with legacy infrastructures.