Bridging Private and Public Clouds for Advanced Real-Time

    by Carlos Aragon, Director Kandy UC Solutions Marketing

    Hundreds of companies offer WebRTC solutions for enterprise communications, collaboration, and embedded voice, video and messaging features on web pages and in mobile apps. As WebRTC continues to mature, what large enterprises need from their Communications Services Providers (CSPs) – companies like Verizon, AT&T, CenturyLink, BT, Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone and other global and national network operators – are solutions that pull through their “carrier class” redundancy, scalability and security.

    Given the ongoing explosion of cloud communications and the need to bridge private, public and hybrid clouds, CSPs continue to work with the enterprise customers to ensure as good or better quality of experience and availability as those long-standing customers have been enjoying for years and even decades, only now leveraging the benefits of cloud and particularly multi-cloud architectures.

    As a pioneer in contributing to the WebRTC community early on, including developing one of the world’s first “industrial strength” WebRTC gateway nearly five years ago, and as one of the biggest investors in the “next-next” generation of web-based Real-Time Communications (RTC) through our development of the award-winning Kandy Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS), we’ve had the great fortune to work with our established customer base, which includes some of the  telecom companies in the world. We have also bridged those customers with our growing number of systems integration technology partners, such as SAP and IBM.

    We understand what it means to bridge,  having led the revolution as the leader in softswitching over a decade ago, bridging ATM and IP networks to deliver VoIP and other SIP sessions by the billions.

    We understand what it means to bridge, having converted the value of over 200 patents from physical to virtual infrastructure architectures, as a leader in Network Function Virtualization (NVF) and Software Defined Networking (SDN).

    And today we are introducing a very exciting new bridge – Kandy Link – which we are learning in discussions with our customers and technology partners is the most advanced WebRTC and cloud communications-based architectural approach to enabling Communications Service Providers to take full advantage of our Kandy platform including APIs, wrappers, proven packaged solutions, our unique container capabilities and our “opex” vs. “capex” business model.


    We have made it possible for our customers and partners to run their own instances of Kandy in their own private clouds, in their enterprise customers’ private clouds, in public clouds as appropriate for specific applications, and across multi-clouds.

    Rather than having to reinvent the Kandy platform, our customers are licensing the platform, and running Kandy within their own environment for certain applications (for example, those in the financial services, healthcare, government and education industries, requiring 100% compliance with regulations about data privacy and sovereignty) with the option to license Kandy running in our cloud, for less complex applications.

    To put it simply – we are giving them a choice of how to buy and sell Kandy’s platform-as-a-service capabilities and solutions – including opening up their own private instance of Kandy to their growing developer pools and DevOps support teams.

    In addition, our customers can also bring either their own white-labeled version of Kandy’s CPaaS to the developers and DevOps teams in their enterprise customers’ IT and applications development groups, with the confidence that they are not just selling “another WebRTC” solution or feature, but rather more flexible, open, creative and powerful software for embedded communications, including in-app, with the same security, reliability and Quality of Experience their customers have come to expect after years or decades of more traditional telecom services.

    Here’s the big picture – showing how Kandy is serving CSPs, ISVs and Enterprises today, most often in an orchestrated fashion with solutions designed collectively by these groups.


    Kandy Solutions - For CSPs, ISVs & Enterprises


    What’s new now with Kandy Link, is the investment we’ve made, based on invaluable customer feedback, for an extension of the Kandy CPaaS that can be deployed on-premise and provides the following functionality:

    • WebRTC Gateway
    • REST API proxy
    • Media Broker
    • Micro Services
    • Same APIs/SDKs as the Kandy mothership for application reusability
    • Can provide local services and redirect API requests to the Kandy cloud for non-local services
    • Available in an affordable OPEX monthly subscription model
    • Voice
      • IP-to-IP voice calls, SIP Trunking and full WebRTC functionality
      • Make and receive calls to and from international PSTN numbers
    • Video
      • High quality, low-latency HD video with scalable resolution

    With full WebRTC functionality, business applications come alive on both web and mobile platforms, including Messaging (with full international SMS functionality, rich messages with pictures, video, group messaging, location and contact sharing), Collaboration (presence, co-browsing, screen sharing and P2P data channel), and more including essential enterprise features including Address Book, Hunt Groups, Direct Inward Dialing Numbers (DIDs) and SLAs for all this.

    Kandy has been delivering value on our award-winning platform for over two years – here’s a view of our core offering:


    It has also been possible to run a private instance of Kandy within CSP’s own clouds and environments:


    With an entire, turn-key instance of Kandy inside their networks, CSPs and the enterprises they serve are able to instantly inject Kandy CPaaS software into their private cloud infrastructure (OpenStack/NFV, VMware, KVM host) or dedicated public cloud (AWS). They are integrating services tightly into their OSS/BSS, so able to easily roll out, operate and manage and bill for new services.

    Now, we are making it even easier to integrate into the provider’s network, by providing a hybrid cloud model that allows them to locally run critical services and leverage the Kandy public cloud for value-added applications and capabilities, such as mobile push, SIP trunking as a service and Kandy Wrappers.

    kandy-wrappers kandy link

    Why is this so critical to the CSPs we serve?

    Because enterprises and organizations, including governmental organizations, often demand that User Data and Media must reside in-network, given regulatory, data privacy and sovereignty requirements, the demand for low latency, and requirement to run local media. But creating an entire instance of the Kandy CPaaS cloud just for the sake of keeping media and data local was inefficient. Kandy Link is the middle ground that ensures compliance in a cost efficient way.

    Our Kandy Link hybrid cloud solution is, once again, “the bridge” between not just legacy and new networks, but public, private, hybrid and multi-clouds.

    Following is a quick summary of the benefits of Kandy Link; please contact me to set up a demo and workshop, so we can collaborate together on where this “industrial strength” offering can help you bridge into the future of cloud and embedded communications, with the best of all worlds. 


    Why Kandy Link

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