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Canada's Connected Future

Monday, June 5, 2017

David Walsh

I'm looking forward to once again address the top executives in telecom at the annual Canadian Telecom Summit

The audience includes the most successful, active and forward thinking people continuing to build out the networks and services that are helping to advance one of the most enlightened countries on earth, and the fact that GENBAND has deep roots based in Canada makes our participation all that more meaningful. 

GENBAND acquired a large part of Canada’s Nortel Networks nearly a decade ago, and since then we have been able to build a base of most of the world's largest communications service providers including those based in Canada. Nortel's technology is embedded into thousands of carrier and enterprise networks today, and given our track record in supporting and evolving this technology to address massive new opportunities in the IP world, we continue to carry forward the legacy while bridging to the future of software defined and virtualized networking. 

canada innovation

Canada is no stranger to innovation and GENBAND is an active part of this ecosystem. We opened our Ottawa Cloud Center of Excellence last year and joined the Centre of Excellence in Next Generation Networks (CENGN) along with other tech leaders just a few months ago. We are excited to be contributing to the Real-Time Communications (RTC) industry which is changing the way we communicate with other people and with machines and things as the "Internet of Everything" continues to grow. 

In this hyper-connected world, the lines are blurring between people and machines, and once again Canada - and our company, including our Kandy platform - are innovating in not only the modernization of networks to all-software, but in the development of applications that run on those networks. The Internet of Everything is rapidly becoming the Exchange of Everything, where RTC and IoT intersect to create new services that make homes, offices, factories, and entire cities run more efficiently and safely. 

In my address later today, I will be sharing many examples of the collaboration with customers in Canada that has led to hundreds of millions of dollars in new commercial solutions, including solutions we have served up to rock star Canadian companies including Shopify and Telogiks.


I will also share examples of success stories we've been honored to contribute to, with companies who are active in Canada and globally, including SAP, IBMDeutsche Telekom and more. 

What's unique about our company is that we are "full stack RTC" - meaning we not only ensure the core of networks are operating securely and profitably with our session management solutions, and not only ensure the network edge regardless of network access type (fixed, wireless, 3G/4G/5G, LTE, WiFi and more), but that our customers have access to business and consumer applications that run on modernized IP networks. 


Because given the imperative to move to all-IP architecture, and given the inevitability of an all-IP world, after our customers spend millions and even billions transforming their networks, it's our job to make sure they can then monetize those investments to get healthy and sustainable returns. 

A few years ago, we set out on a course to become a leader in WebRTC, for example, and in other software-based solutions leveraging the obvious advantages of APIs and SDKs, when we introduced Kandy. 

Canadian companies, as the innovators they are, recognized the value early on, and have been some of our most exciting "early adopters" for Kandy and the cloud communications and unified communications services Kandy supports. Kandy also opens up new markets for our customers for embedded communications, which we've been co-developing with our global tech partners. 

The entire world of RTC is upside down, in all good ways. Investments in Software Defined Network and Network Function Virtualization have paved the way for the ability for our CSP customers to launch new services quickly (literally within days or weeks, not years and years) and to bring breakthrough value to their business and consumer customers by white labeling the RTC solutions we've built and tested in our labs, and proven out in deployments with great companies, including many in Canada. 

GENBAND and Kandy are active in nearly every country in the world, operating on every continent, but we have a special place in our hearts for Canada, not only as our neighbors to the north, but as true partners, for many years, growing together and setting the bar higher for intuitive, contextual and meaningful communications that are, in fact, the fuel for innovation as next generation leaders emerge. 

Without communications - without conversations - with collaboration - nothing we create can scale. 

Looking forward to reconnecting in Toronto today with many old friends and new. I learn as much as I share! 

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