CPaaS Changes the Real-Time Communications Paradigm

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Digital transformation has driven the development of various technologies and solutions that have become integrated into everyday life, consistently improving employee productivity and customer experience. At the same time, the traditional communications sector has stagnated, lacking creative tools, and relying on the existing paradigm of dedicated, siloed applications to provide real-time communications.

With a completely overhauled development framework, Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) has become one of the fastest-growing communications technology solutions in the industry today. This innovative and cost-effective approach enables businesses to integrate and customize real-time communications into existing applications, without the need for additional coding by end users. It eliminates the need for a separate application by providing developers with the software tools, interfaces, and code required to leverage the powerful capabilities of CPaaS.

CPaaS Benefits

Providing a compelling and flexible alternative to standard, off-the-shelf commercial applications, CPaaS empowers developers to easily embed communications features into their own applications. With flexible pricing models, development teams can benefit from reduced expenses while propelling quality customer service, user engagement, and brand value with their enterprise customer base. CPaaS solutions can deliver high-quality communications at scale for service providers to offer enterprises a substantial competitive edge over their rivals. For example, the Kandy CPaaS solution can be integrated for improved productivity in a variety of ways:

  • Voice APIs to add voice calling capabilities using WebRTC into your custom applications, add click-to-call, encrypt calls, use high-definition audio, enable IP to IP calls, as well as phone calls using toll-free or local phone numbers. Enable improved customer satisfaction with web-enabled calling options for streamlined customer support experiences and help improve customer retention with enhanced support.
  • Video APIs to add video calling capabilities into your website and custom applications for an enhanced and more personal experience, stream live video between users, embed high-definition video and audio files, co-browse, and screen share. Enable real-time collaboration to help deliver improved customer service with face-to-face communications, connect remote workers to increase productivity
  • Chat APIs to add interactive two-way chat to websites and custom applications, add presence, address book, enterprise directory, and file sharing of pictures and videos. Enhance customer service and speed of issue resolution for non-voice interactions.
  • Use Messaging/text SMS APIs to send or receive SMS messages to an SMS-enabled phone number. Enable messaging for your website and build messaging into your customer relationship management tools. Messaging is a more direct and cost-effective way to communicate with your customers about promotions and other important updates.
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA) APIs add a layer of security to your applications or website by delivering a one-time passcode or pin using email or text. Offer better security with activity-specific authorizations for new account activations, password reset authentication, and others. Use 2FA to help to decrease fraud risk, and safeguard employee and customer accounts and transactions.

Kandy CPaaS solutionsCPaaS ROI

With a reduced cost of entry and a faster time to market, the continuing growth and success of the CPaaS market provide considerable opportunities for businesses to affordably build custom applications to differentiate their offerings in the market. Enabling the creation of more personalized customer journeys with positively reinforced experiences on a single platform, organizations can expect strong ROI from their CPaaS experience.

White-Label Solutions

But not all CPaaS platforms are equal. Service providers are facing stiff competition from over-the-top CPaaS vendors such as Twilio, Vonage (Ericsson), Plivo, and others. Service providers need to fend off competitive threats, restore customer loyalty and drive traffic back onto their network. The Kandy white-label CPaaS solution is designed from the ground up for service providers, letting them own the customer relationship and serve as the primary interface for sales, support, billing, and related customer interactions – “your brand, your value”. Integrating Kandy CPaaS takes weeks, not months or years, delivering fully branded, state-of-the-art, real-time communications services that meet or exceed over-the-top CPaaS offerings With Kandy CPaaS, we offer:

  • Rich APIs and SDKs that let customers easily embed real-time communications such as voice, video, chat, messaging, and 2FA into applications and websites for immersive and secure user experiences.
  • API enables carrier network services and third-party service applications
  • A rich, multi-service platform to enable advanced voice services APIs for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS), and SIP Trunking as a Service (STaaS) including global PSTN coverage
  • A custom-branded electronic storefront or marketplace to let businesses order and activate communications services quickly and easily. Use administration APIs to enable self-serve and managed options, provide simplified billing and provisioning, integrate OSS/BSS capabilities, and provide other enterprise capabilities.

Breathe new life into your core business by steering traffic onto your network with Kandy CPaaS, and rejuvenate revenues to take full advantage of all the financial and operational benefits of Kandy’s cloud-based CPaaS platform.

Talk to us or set up a demo by filling out the Contact Kandy form below. We’d love to learn more about your interest in the future of embedded, programmable, real-time communications.


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