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GENBAND RTP Teams Bring Their Game Faces to the Internal Hackathon!

Monday, October 12, 2015

by Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations, Kandy

The KandyMobile recently rolled into the Research Triangle Park (RTP) in North Carolina to give local GENBAND team members an opportunity to participate in one of several internal hackathons the Kandy team is hosting at various GENBAND campuses. 11 anxious teams entered the RTP Hackathon and they did not disappoint, creating some very innovative apps from Kandy. The teams created everything from apps that provided real-time surveillance via recycled smartphones to apps that allow you to communicate in real-time with your auto mechanic. The creative entries made selecting a winner a very difficult process.

Hackathon participants The cool thing about the RTP Hackathon is the majority of the participants had no developer or coding skills. Usually it’s a challenge to convince non-coders to participate in something as technical as a hackathon, but that was definitely not the case with the team members from RTP.  They had heard so much about Kandy that everyone was eager to experience the platform for themselves.     

RTP teamsWe like to say that with Kandy the possibilities are limitless and that’s exactly what many of the RTP teams were thinking. A number of teams presented ideas that were purely theoretical, but they understood that with Kandy even though they were conceptual ideas they were still realistic. The creativity of the teams really gave everyone a great sense of pride in the ideas they came up with.


Although most of the teams consisted of members who did not have technical experience, there were some who had coding experience and even they were impressed with how simple the platform is to use. One coder who was not familiar with Javascript used his experience in PHP to help build his team’s app.  Another participant with no Android experience, dove right in and ended up doing very well in the contest. Yet another team embedded Kandy capabilities into a real GENBAND Web tool and even deployed it on the staging server they use every day.

Having conducted several internal GENBAND Hackathons the RTP event was definitely one of the most fun and interesting ones and I want to thank everyone who participated and I really am amazed at all of the cool and creative apps that were developed by teams of mostly non-developers. I think everyone had a great time and came away with a better sense of just how easy Kandy is to use and some of the endless possibilities the platform can enable. 

Congratulations to the RTP Hackathon winners!

Hackathon winners

MOST CREATIVE Kandy APP – Kandy Kamera

  • Robert Burger
  • Brenda Ofori
  • Ken Parham
  • Mark Lee
  • Bill Thompson
  • Joel Lueck




  • Jock Barnes
  • Sreeram Pullabhatla
  • Pravin Tambre
  • Scott Domes




  • Jerome Harrison
  • Camille Issa


Congratulations to the runners-up.



  • Mike Miller
  • John Squizzato
  • Paul Nevill
  • Rich Peaugh

Most Technically Challenging Kandy APP - Meeting Assistant

  • Craig Telke 
  • Steven Medeiros 
  • Aaron Hawkins 
  • Doug Harwood 
  • Jon Kuhns 
  • Xuewen Li 


  • Scott Maggiolo
  • Murphy Tyndall
  • Arnold King

Here is a list of the RTP Hackathon apps and teams:


CrashPad - An app that detects crashes and then places a call to pre-set parties to notify them of the accident. It also allows parties to store and push relevant information related to the injured individual.

RoadSaint - An app that detects auto crashes (accelerometer, gyroscope & audio) and automatically calls the appropriate parties to help the victims connect to a human to provide live assistance for emergency situations. The app constantly records so that you capture live video of accidents.

Kandy Kamera - An app that enables real-time surveillance via recycled smartphones. Notifications are pushed through text messages with to automatically initiate conversations.

AutoCan - An app that enables you to communicate in real-time with your auto mechanic. 

Real-Time Event Tracker - An app that enables the user to create applications for various usages such as location tracking, real estate and other trips. By setting up pre-set criteria the app can send notifications to relevant parties via 

Kandy Meeting Assistant - An app that simplifies your meeting process. The app automatically connects you to a meeting instead of having to dial in via your phone. It can also include the meeting topic as part of the caller ID. (Tinder for Tickets) - An app that enables people to setup a temporary number to sell tickets via The market for ticket resale is huge. This app is basically Craigslist for tickets on your mobile device. 

TreasureHunt - An app that helps people consolidate information around antique or yard sale treasure hunting.

BigBrotherSupport - Contextual support within a corporate website. It includes a live demo with pricing models.

SkiBaR - This app simplifies Skills Based Routing (SBR) and call center implementation. The app can be embedded into a website that then intelligently routes calls based on the webpage that you are viewing. 

KopsKam - A real-time alert system for security events. 

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