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Hacking away in Mumbai

Friday, March 18, 2016

By Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations

As we roll out the embedded communications API, we look to the developer community to help provide feedback on the API with what works and what does not. In a sense, hackathons are like a human factors lab that provides live feedback.We were thrilled to have our first hackathon in India last week, hosted by IIT Bombay, the MIT of India. Our very own Divyesh Patel, an alum, was critical in helping gather the support of @iitbombay for this event.

We rolled out the red carpet of wifi, local hand crafted sustenance and lots of sugar to help address basic developer needs and sprinkled in some awesome developer support from Divyesh and Srini. We also offered Amazon gift cards to the teams for each valid bug they submitted as a thank you for providing feedback as they work through app deployment.

As usual, we were blown away by the creativity in the room. The teams they produced a lot of well planned hacks along with excellent demos. One project that stood out was the PHP library for Developers have their own preferences for languages and API providers need to provide  support libraries for multiple languages. There is no doubt that we will be following up with the PHP library developer as needs library support for popular languages.

And the winners are:

  • 1st Place - 34k Rupees - Team Lingoine
  • 2nd Place - 17k Rupees - Team Moboracks
  • 3rd Place Tie - 8500 Rupees - Team Donuts
  • 3rd Place Tie - 8500 Rupees - Team Red Heart
  • Honorable Mention - Raspberry Pi Dev Kit - Team Sparc
  • Honorable Mention - Raspberry Pi Dev Kit - Team PyKandy

And here is a complete list of projects/teams:

Team Lingoine - Language learning through interaction - We have built an app that will enable learners of a language communicate via video with other learners and experts in that language. Through a freemium model, this will help the language learners to polish their speaking skills.

Team Moboracks - Uber for Skills - "This project aims at connecting people around us who possess special skills that may ease our day to day task. People who wish to provide or request for service can register and can get started right away. Once you found the list of people around you who posses the skills you require,you can connect to them using video call/audio/chat to make sure he is ”The Guy”.  You can also review his work by sharing screen with him. You can decide your rates and CONGRATULATIONsss…You have found your Mr Right for the job!! :)"

Team Donuts - Real-Time Video Role Playing Game(RPG) - Text RPGs are very famous. In this project we take it to the next level with Real-time Video RPG. Connect with your friends, enter an engrossing story and live the experience of your favourite characters. Cross paths with your friends as they assume their characters and engage in a redefining Real-Time RPG experience.

Team Red Heart - Online doctor consultation - Online platform for instance help to patients from their personal doctors.

Team Sparc - RPi security cam - It is a home security application. You can view the feed of your house anywhere in the world on your smartphone. The idea is to be able to call into a Raspberry Pi with your phone using

Team PyKandy - A new way to experience Kandy - "Expand Kandy’s API base to support terminal and Python support

Shell Chatting, System wide notifications and more..."

Team JustDonuts - JS Tutorial for - "This is a proper working javascript tutorial for Video Calls. See it here"

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