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Hacking Away in Texas

Thursday, December 17, 2015

by Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations

Thank You San Antonio for an awesome hackathon this last weekend! This was my first LoneStar state hackathon with GENBAND/Kandy (the internal Plano hackathon took place before I joined) and I wouldn’t have missed it! While the San Antonio developer community isn’t as well known as Austin’s, we discovered a close, connected and thriving group.

First things first: major thanks go to the community members that helped rally attendance (Codeup, Geekdom, SA Coders and Def-Logix) to make the event successful! The speakers provided by SA Coders really helped to focus everyone on the technologies needed for the hackathon.


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I have to say that San Antonians know their food and the catering was otherworldly. The dinner on the first night provided by Sweet Yam was delish with shrimp & lemon zest chicken and the Thai lunch from Bangkok 54 was mouth wateringly flavorful. Every spoonful of the duck curry had so many chunks of duck that there must have been twenty plus ducks in there!



To kick off the week of activities, kindly invited me to speak to their classes about tech industry opportunities as well as hype the hackathon. We covered everything from the developer economy and the seemingly ever-expanding number of developer opportunities to developer evangelism (what I do) and hackathons. Key takeaways were being present, curiosity, company culture, constant learning (via hackathons of course) and constant networking.

There are a number of new developer opportunities popping up with new technologies coming out at a constant rate and tapping into the right networks will enable goal achievement faster. Whether technical marketing or application development and support is your cup of tea, there will be a need for both technical and semi-technical roles in the coming years.

Now, on to the meat of the hackathon with an overview of the projects! As usual there was a lot of creativity and hard work in the room. I love seeing all the ways that people leverage Kandy for new apps. Here’s the list of the winning teams:


Team Shawn - Passes Info from one browser to the other to allow multiplayer gaming


Team KandyWrapper - API Wrapper for Kandy REST API written in Ruby


Team TreeMD - Connects Arborists with their clients anytime, anywhere.


Team Mentorship - There is a list of mentors, who are experts in various areas. Experts can sign in and answer video calls from anonymous users, who want to get some more knowledge on the area of expertise represented by one of our mentors. Video calls are being implemented using JavaScript SDK


Team KandyGram - A Chrome plugin that tracks how long you spend on social media and automatically calls your grandma when you spend too much time on Social Media.


Team KandyShop - A Laravel package for (attempted)


I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out on the San Antonio scene and look forward to coming back and seeing what other great ideas this community can put into action!

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