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Hacking in Seattle, Kandy style

Friday, November 20, 2015

by Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations, Kandy

The weekend before Halloween brought Kandy to Seattle at the Outlandish Hackathon.  The event helped promote discovery and exploration, bringing together designers, developers, and entrepreneurs to hack on both personal app and outlandish projects and compete for some great prizes.

We kicked off our first Seattle hackathon with a quick overview of the challenge at hand and letting everyone know that the most important part of the hackathon was well taken care of with fresh local clam chowder from Pikes Place Chowder!



Developers came out in full force and brought a number of interesting projects ranging from collaborative planning tools to wacky communication games. After the initial presentations by the Kandy team, everyone had the chance to devise ideas and form teams to make these projects happen. The room was alight with excited plans of what would be built within 24 hours.




With Kandy having recently released their new Javascript tutorials, which feature live demos using Codepen, to help speed up development, members of the development team were also on site to hand out special promo codes, documentation and samples that the teams could use to build their own communication-enabled apps.



This was the first interaction with the Kandy API for the majority of the teams, and they were able to implement them quickly to the easy-to-use examples as well as a helping hand that was lent by developer Michel Simonot!



Thanks to everyone who showed up, we loved seeing the energy and creativity in action! Here are the teams who participated – an extra round of applause to the prize winners.

Team / Project Overview

Team KandyMoverz - This app helps you manage inventory and damage tracking for moving crews.

Team DinoHulk - Community Choice Award ($250) - Diana Pham - This is an augmented-reality app that helps kids learn basic colors and possibly other things like math in an interactive way. You can also change clothes on DinoHulk!

Doctor Kandy - Our app helps address the shortage of doctors in rural areas, by connecting available doctors to rural patients on demand. We leverage communication technology from Kandy IO to scale up and support the doctor scarcity problem.

Team BootstrapKandy Best App ($250) - Alex Unwin / Alex Nishikawa Dispatch is a real-time automated task scheduling system for efficient day-of logistics, a way to intelligently communicate and assign tasks without bombarding the events team with a massive number of notifications. Dispatchers delegate tasks via tablet, and Dispatchees communicate task acceptance/completion through either a web UI, text messaging, or a Pebble smartwatch.

Team ProofingBuddy - Lets you get an email quickly proofed by a second pair of eyes before it's sent. $1 for most emails.

Team Miscommunications, Winner of the Most Outlandish Prize ($250) - Daniel Muldrew / James Wilkinson / Yamato Abe -Generalized platform for creating games with different one-way communications in-between players, e.g. Pictionary or Charades.

Team Globe-Trotter - Honorable Mention ($80) Sandeep Ranganathan - Globe-Trotter allows multiple users to work on a single map, allowing users to share their searches for restaurants, tourist locations, etc. in real-time. The goal is to include features for voting on plans so Globe-Trotter can help determine which plans are most acceptable for everyone. It uses the co-browsing feature provided by Kandy.IO to share a google map session across multiple users.

Team SpeedDate - Best Tutorial ($250) - Will Chantry / Joshua Hutt - This app originally started out as a speed dating app, but turned into a written tutorial about creating users using Node 4 and KOA. This tutorial helps developers start out easier with by providing some of the necessary "glue" code to getting started. The focus of the tutorial is how to programmatically create users for a Kandy application.

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