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Javascript SDK 2.5 now available!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

by Carlos Aragon, Director, Kandy UC Solutions Marketing

You may have already noticed but in case you haven't we're here to let you know that Kandy recently upgraded to version 2.5 of its Javascript SDK. This version brings new capabilities to your applications, you can read the details on the release notes, but we know you are busy so let us list them here for you:

  • New Conversations and Messages API that allows different devices to synchronize messages and other events – If you are developing an application on many different platforms, such as desktop/mobile app or WebUI, this API can help you switch between devices keeping your conversations synchronized
  • Local Video Preview – You can now preview your video even before you start a call, that way your users can be sure they look their best before hitting the call button.
  • Get details on the current user – This improvement lets your application obtain details from the Kandy user profile for the user currently logged in (as long as this profile has been provided). You can get things like name, username, email, phone...
  • Remote Acknowledgment for Chat messages – now you can know when your message has been received with this mechanism that confirms delivery to the remote user.
  • Group Chat now has the same features as P2P chat – your users like to talk, let them talk!
  • Improvements to the documentation – Some of you had some doubts, there were some missing events, we fixed them, but please, keep the feedback coming.
  • Bug fixing and browser compatibility enhancements

Don’t forget that you can find all the information in the documentation section of the Kandy portal, but let us remind you that the best way to get to know the Javascript SDK is to go to the tutorials and within each of them, scroll to the bottom and see the code demo.

And remember, contact support if you need assistance. Happy coding!

Want to learn more about the many work applications we’ve been building at Kandy and with our ecosystem partners? Visit our Kandy Showcase.

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