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Kandy Hackathon at Perspectives16

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

By Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations

The GENBAND Perspectives 16 Hackathon sponsored by AT&T was a success as we wrapped up another excellent event, this time in sunny Orlando!   KandyHack1

KandyHack2The hack was held on Monday, May 2nd as part of the larger GENBAND yearly conference with golfing, fishing, spa and even an eco-tour that attendees could opt into. Make sure to RSVP to Perspectives17 in sunny Los Angeles next year and get ready for the next Hackathon.

With a number of excellent pitches, the project that won the $4,000 was a variant of “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” with Raspberry Pi and As you can see from the picture, Earl Helms and Paul Micklos were very happy to have won the prize.  Best of all, you can test Earl’s setup at home because he published the code to Github.  KandyHack3

As for the $1,000 prize for the best pitch, Carl Ford came up with an excellent idea of a Google Chrome plugin that highlights phone numbers and enables you to simply tap the number and Kandy will connect the call through to your cell! Once the hackathon pitch videos are complete and posted, we’ll update this blog so you can view the excellent pitches!

Big thanks go to Jean-Yves Boudreau and Mitch Laman for their support at the event. We have an awesome demo that will be coming forth with Raspberry PI + SMS, all thanks to JY and Mitch!


Looking forward to next year and all of the awesome hacks!

P16 Hackathon

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