Kandy: An Insider's View

    by Paul Pluschkell, -

    I came to GENBAND in February of this year.  I joined the company because of my past experience with David Walsh and his ability to lead.  You see, I am all about innovation and execution.  For ideas to turn into innovation it requires a winning culture. Culture can be defined as the cumulative IQ of the team, past experiences, attitudes and willingness of the group of people of an organization to win.  Culture is the critical environment in which ideas will thrive or die. Winning cultures require teamwork. I have seen ridiculously talented sports teams fail and mediocre teams win based on culture.  Simply put, teams that feel empowered, are inspired and buy into the coach’s system win.  Teams like ours.

    Kandy is a creative platform.  Kandy allows anyone to be an architect, a builder, or an entrepreneur.  Kandy allows companies to embed real-time communications into business applications and objects.  So what?  The real beauty of Kandy is that it helps every company and every employee be an innovator.  The examples are limitless.  In fact, for the next 100 days we will be posting one use case per day.  But the real greatness will happen when our customers dream and build. 

    Our Kandy launch theme was “Limitless”.  Limitless – the basic premise is that typically people only use twenty percent of their brain’s capacity.  Well…what about companies - are we using Real-Time Communications or RTC to its full potential?  With the pace that business moves today are we maximizing the opportunity to improve processes, efficiencies and profitability? The short answer…probably not. I think we need to change the way we think about platforms as static or bound services.  Kandy is creating a new capability for creation.  Kandy provides you with a community-based experience based on participation, the opportunity to learn from others and from your own experimentation. 

    To date, our communications advances are simply this; we spend too much time messaging and not enough time communicating.  The common thread that we can weave together is our desire to help our customers communicate and collaborate in Real-Time with impact.  One of my main objectives at GENBAND is to continue our focus on innovation and to focus on transforming great ideas into innovations.  You see I believe innovations are $1B markets.  From SMART OFFICE, to fring, to NUViA and now - Kandy.  Kandy provides real value in real-time.

    Kandy reimagines the entire communications process.  We no longer require stand alone or vertical UC and social solutions.  Kandy brings together the best of creative expression and already created real-time solutions so that you can do business with impact, simply and powerfully without breaking the bank.

    Data has become the voice of the customer.  Are we listening?  What channels do you use to communicate?   Successful companies will create processes that match what we know about our customers online with the information we know about them offline.  Extracting information from CRM, services data, data warehouses, third party data and most importantly real-time data.  In this scenario data and communications services are not simply combined they are seamlessly integrated into the user’s workflow.  The key here is not making this about the business process workflow, but about the user’s workflow – giving an agent all of the data he or she needs to help the customer on their journey.

    The real-time enterprise is not only about technology.  To become the real-time enterprise, companies must break down silos, come together and take action on the voice of the customer.  Kandy eliminates stove-piped work flows and allows real-time communications to be embedded directly into your business applications for both employees and customers.

    Mobile-first – or mobile-only?  Digital Natives or Digital Immigrants?  In this digital era success doesn’t come from the latest trend, such as personalization, mobile, cloud, ideation, engagement, viral etc…Success will come for those that are singularly focused on creating a singular, unique experience for their customers.

    If something is limiting us, if something is not as great as we know it can be, it can’t be passed over. It must be fixed.  With an emphasis on listening, user empathy, whole-brain thinking, collaboration, and experimentation, the design-thinking process will enable us to acquire greater skill sets in problem-finding, in analytical decision making, and in being creative, and innovative - in a whole new and exciting way.  Kandy allows us to communicate with our employees and our customers in context and when the time is right – real-time communications at the right time, with the right people, in the right application – that’s