Kandy Turns Seven as Forecasts for the Growth of CPaaS Continue to Grow: Proud to be a Pioneer!

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To the Kandy team, it feels like only yesterday that we introduced our game-changing Communications Platform-as-a-Service making real-time communications more contextual and collaborative than ever before imagined.

In 2014 we wrote that “Kandy gives companies limitless ability to connect with their customers, employees, and products at every point of contact with built-in scale and security,” and in 2021, we have enriched all that and more.

In 2014 we called the platform we spent millions of dollars and years developing “a disruptive real-time communications software development platform, designed to help companies build communications that are more integrated and immediate – built right into the way their customers interact with them and their employees work. Kandy combines the simplicity of the Web and mobile applications with enterprise-grade real-time communications capabilities, making it more cost-effective and expeditious to enable communications applications.”

We were proud to be one of the first adopters of the WebRTC protocol, which was also just a baby at the time, and today are even prouder to be one of the most popular developer platforms that connect everybody everywhere through their browsers and through their PSTN phones.

What a night!

Hundreds of software and communications professionals gathered in the epicenter of Silicon Valley to experience real-time communications embedded into dozens of scenarios, including consumer applications and business applications in healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and more.

Kandy’s Platform-as-a-Service framework includes APIs, SDKs, and quick starts that are pre-built applications like video shopping assistance. Communication in context with business in real-time means more engaged customers and employees.

With Kandy, there is no longer a need to leave an application to start a conversation, help a customer, get a live update, or ask a question. It allows the individual to quickly see who is available to resolve an issue, or Kandy can find the right person to address the problem.

Blast from the past.

At the time, Kandy was incubated by GENBAND, which subsequently was rebranded Ribbon Communications. Today we are part of American Virtual Cloud Technologies, with a booming business, as Kandy continues to scale up rapidly with top Tier One CSPs, including AT&T and Etisalat using our CPaaS as the underlying platform for their own branded services and marketplaces.

“Kandy Platform-as-a-Service signals a shift in the market and in the way people communicate,” said Jim Lundy, Founder, and CEO of Aragon Research. “Service providers and enterprises needing scalable and reliable next-generation communications capabilities will now be able to develop mobile and Web applications that leverage Kandy. Kandy represents a catalyst in the move towards cloud-based embedded communications - conversations will happen without dialing a phone number. Contextual, embedded communications will change how we get things done.”

In 2021, Kandy continues to rapidly expand our capabilities, our customer base, our reach, and our promise. Where will it be in 2028?

Join us in celebrating an amazing seven years – we are full of gratitude for our loyal customers, partners, and team members!


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