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Kandy Unwrapped

Monday, June 13, 2016

by Natasha Tamaskar, Vice President and Head of Cloud and Mobile Strategy and Ecosystem, Kandy

Developers pride themselves in being able to make magic happen using everything from Open Source with its games engines and web frameworks, to full blown APIs and SDKS. From basic capabilities to rich enablers, whether they are found on GitHub open source or GitHub's commercial developer domain, or shared in small social circles of developers - it's really fun to "crack the code." 

Combined with the growing number of cloud environments for developers, including services like Docker for example, which is extending the idea of "open" to the actual hosting, serving and scaling applications, the "virtual shopping mall" for developers is becoming huge - overwhelming - and fragmented. 

When we started building our Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) it started as "ingredients" - the right sugar, water, flavorings, colorings, and more. That is to say, we spent tens of millions of dollars making it easier for developers to embed a voice, video and all things RTC (real-time communications) in an application, in a manner that is robust and highly scalable.

Developers loved it so we continued to invest and built a full commercial kitchen and culinary school. That is to say, we spent more millions, hired more people, developed more access to more capabilities across multimedia, and increasingly sophisticated developers from massive firms including SAP and IBM, and from some of the largest Communications Service Providers (CSPs) in the world came and learned how to mix things up with the right recipes, "knife skills," and more. 

In Kandy's first full year of operation, the platform was supporting hundreds of millions of users, and as we spent time traveling around the world meeting with the best developers in the world. We learned that what the business people valued was really cool services that could be driven into the market quickly. The light bulbs continued to go off, thanks to interaction with our developer community, and we realized by redeveloping our fring OTT mobile messaging service on Kandy, some serious magic was possible. 

Our customers loved it so we continued to invest, to hire more people, and to create what we call Kandy Wrappers. What does that mean? 

It's simple and it’s fun: Wrappers are solutions with pre-built functionality which developers can instantly inject it into their application or website with minimal customization. 

What are These Wrappers and Why Are They So Popular? 

"Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that you can deliver standalone or insert into your website or application to endow it with embedded real-time communications capabilities. Kandy Wrappers allow CSPs, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and enterprises to reduce their time to market by significantly reducing their implementation effort and costs."

There's more on the site, but let me give you one example of a "before" and "after" Kandy Wrapper scenarios. 

Kandy Concierge

This is a VIP shopping experience online with a consumer on one end, and an expert on the other. This is not just "chat" or "Skype".  This is a completely revolutionary digital interactive platform where the expert can share media with the shopper, can sell multiple items, can demonstrate the product with videos, can help select wrapping paper and gift cards and enable the shopper to buy, pay and ship all in one fun conversation. 

Watch the video of our customer Toy Genius and see the future of digital online retail: 


Cool and easy, a great business value proposition, with a LOT of pre-integrated Kandy pieces tied together into a single solution including: 

  • WebRTC Enabled: Voice and Video calls directly from the website. Agents use web browser console on their point of sale (PoS)
  • Fully Integrated: Works with OpenCart and other market PoS platforms
  • Search Push: Agents can make product searches and push results to customers
  • Video Push: Agents can push videos to the customer’s browser and control playback position to direct them to the right point!
  • File Push: Concierge includes an inventory of support material, such as manuals and instructions, that can be pushed to the customer on demand
  • Form Filling Assistance: Agents can help customers fill in the forms by typing directly in the fields for them and the changes are displayed in real-time

Now, could a developer build exactly the same thing or similar using Kandy? 


In fact, that is exactly what happened and when we shared what this developer did with Kandy, the world beat a path to our doorstep for this - and now a new Kandy Wrapper nearly every month. 

This first Wrapper was so successful, in fact, that Kandy hired the developer and he is one of our top thinkers and evangelists today (Jeff Singman). 

Kandy Store in the Mall 

Look at it this way. You can shop all over town to buy ingredients to take home and make your own candy, and will it work - yes! Will there be risks - absolutely. Will you make a bit of a mess - well that depends on how you behave in the kitchen! Bottom line is - you can go to the candy store in the mall, and pick out your favorite sweets knowing they will be consistently delicious. 

In a time like this, when your competitors are rolling out sweet new services, it's a perfect time to visit this Kandy store and talk to one of our experts, and get the real rap on Wrappers. In fact, feel free to contact me and I'll give you a few free samples! 

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