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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Author: Julie O'Hara

Easy access to APIs, SDKs and Quick Start code for embedding contextual communication capability into Web and Mobile is the latest trend in development for WebRTC. The Kandy team is launching their platform formally this evening. The Kandy platform provides simple, unrestricted access to Genband’s core telecom and RTC technologies for media and marketing companies to add video chat or other peer-to-peer applications to their Web and mobile experiences. These applications can be used to enhance lead generation campaigns and social media streams, taking the existing real-time communication capabilities in platforms like Facebook and Twitter to the next level.

As GENBAND’s CMO, Brad Bush, wrote in his blog CIO2CMO: “WebRTC has unlocked the door for a new wave of video, voice, and data web applications. The open source WebRTC global initiative is important as it marks the first time that a powerful real-time communications (RTC) standard has been made available for free as part of the included Internet infrastructure. It paves the way for creative, high quality web applications that will change the way we communicate, including audio and visual one touch customer interactions from our desktops, our mobile devices, and public kiosks.”

Until now, these rich interactions were only available to large corporations given the expense of software development, licenses and the requirement to support legacy networks. In an all-IP world, with digital devices everywhere, marketers are now able to develop unique web experiences that put humans together and turn branding into a sea of conversations – real and real-time.

Looking forward to seeing lots of friends at our launch event this evening in San Francisco at Ruby Skye –

Follow the action @kandy_io and contact me @julieaohara

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