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Mexico City Hackathon Recap

Friday, December 2, 2016

Raspberry Pi.

Internet of Things & Remotely Controlled Objects.

Kandy Communication Platform.

Mix all these technologies together and what do you get? Some of the best projects to come out of an internal hackathon. With two days, four teams and multiple groups represented from the GENBAND Mexico City office, the 2016 Internal Hackathon turned out a number of fully functioning projects that were the best of our internal hacks.

One of the top highlights was a security system built by Team Pythonize that used to visually authenticate a user and then grant access to a door and wifi. What was amazing was the the WiFi connection was also remotely controlled and the administrator could actively add or delete devices trying to get onto the wifi network within the secure room.


We had a number of students participate on team K-Supplier even though their project didn’t quite cross the finish line. However, their idea was solid and  pushed the boundaries of expected API usage as the team was looking for the API to be run on an embedded server. Definitely something new that our Ottawa Javascript SDK team will have to look into! 


And we have to show the RC car integration because it’s a robot… and robots are cool! Check out this link for a video of the vehicle in action.



Without further ado, here are the teams and their project descriptions:

Team KeePet - 1st Place - $1000 - Remote Control Security System - Accessible anywhere an internet connection is available. High Torque motor train for quick reach. Bidirectionally Motion activated (110° + 110°) Monitoring and Guard Mode Email and SMS customizable notifications Live Video / Audio to and from the remote location powered by Kandy. Extremely friendly app with GUI Quick Mobility via a remote controlled robot to allow for remote exploration. Mechanical interface with 3 degree of movement to interact with Environment. (TBD) When not in use automatically goes to charging station. (TBD)

Team Pythonize - 2nd Place - $750 - Access Control System - Site Access Control with a motion sensor and Kandy messaging/calls 1.- Movement Detected on Site send an message/call to Site Administrator personal device (This is by using PIR motion sensor plugged in to Raspberry Pi, then message/call are established using Kandy Rest-API) 2.- Site Administrator with personal device (running an Android App that uses Kandy to receive messages and calls and send actions through Kandy IM's) will answer the call and have a Video image of the site, then Administrator will decide 1 of 3 actions: *Allow Network Communication via WiFi (Someone not authorized) *Deny Network Communication via WiFi (Someone authorized) *Allow Network Communication on a specific VLAN (This is to provide specific equipment operation) 3.- With a message send to Network equipment (Cisco ASA5505, Access Points) the Site will perform it security actions (This is due to a principle of SDN control on network equipment operation the Cisco OS via python code) Note: Actions are collected on server for further revisions

Team Doctor2Go - 3rd Place - $750 - We have created an application where you can have medical appointments online directly where you are, you can have video calls and share your vital signs.

Team K-Supplier - Honorable Mention - Raspberry Pis for the Team - Energy Monitor & Remote Assistance - We are trying to optimize the bottled water and gas supplied services. We think about putting sensors to measure level or quantity of this supplies and sending a notifications when both of them are low. So, the person using the application can make a call to the service they need to acquire.




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