Optimize Microsoft Teams with Direct Routing as a Service – PSTN Voice Calls Using Your Existing Carrier

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The recent trend of digital transformation has not only seen a vast array of technology being adopted by enterprises in all industries, but also a shift in where business priorities lie. At the top of this new priority list for many companies is having modern and efficient digital communications and collaboration tools. 

With the increased use of technology and remote work, these communications tools have become essential to business success. According to a survey of employees in the modern workforce, 44% of people admit that working from home makes it easier to achieve deadlines and get work done. 


Unified Communications Is Growing, Led by Microsoft Teams 

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) technology has already gained a foothold across a variety of industries, with the global cloud communications (UCaaS) market recently valued at over USD 2.7 billion in 2021. The market is expected to grow, alongside business technology use, at a CAGR of 14.1 percent to 2028, with estimates putting the 2028 market value at over USD 7 billion.

Among UCaaS solutions, one flavor that is growing notably is Microsoft Teams. It’s a cloud-based team collaboration software that is part of the Microsoft 365 and Office 365 suite of applications. According to Microsoft’s published data, Teams usage has grown from 2 million users in 2017 to 20 million by the end of 2019 with exponential growth to 270 million by the end of 2021. 

Microsoft Teams' collaboration capabilities enable companies to move beyond transactional messages and meetings and focus on the flow of work. Abilities like team channels, file sharing, shared calendars, and application integrations make it easy for employees to always be on the same page. 

At the same time, videoconferencing has become a mainstay of life post-pandemic, and Teams users can now enjoy a series of enhancements that make meetings more efficient and intuitive. Microsoft Teams helps save time and money for the business by bringing together chat, calls, meetings, Microsoft 365 apps, and third-party tools in one centralized platform.


Connecting All Users Requires PSTN Access 

However, while Microsoft Teams offers an assortment of enhancements, enabling PSTN access for conventional voice users brings challenges that have made some enterprises hesitant. Microsoft Calling Plans may be suitable for small enterprises, but many medium and large businesses require the benefits associated with keeping their existing carriers and voice plans. In addition, they need help to integrate and support existing PBX services, call or contact centers, and legacy analog systems that cannot be easily replaced such as fax machines, paging systems, or lobby phones.

Enterprises today are looking to simplify the overall management of their enterprise communications, SIP Trunking, and PSTN access globally. As a result, they want a partner that can help them deal with all their current and future integration and migration requirements.


Kandy’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service to the Rescue!

At Kandy, we understand the potential a modern communications platform can have on an enterprise, and just how important it is to pick the right partner when starting the digital transformation process. We offer our Kandy Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) solution, which is a white-label, cloud-based soluition for service providers that is multi-tenanted and highly scalable to handle the largest multi-site, global enterprise environments.

Kandy's DRaaS solution provides tenant setup, provisioning and management of phone numbers, users, license packages, and voice plans using an intuitive digital portal. Our ability to integrate into carriers’ networks, and deal with legacy infrastructure, gateways, interfaces, and services in the enterprise customers' networks and enable them to service their end-user customers with APIs is a real differentiator. Crucially, Kandy’s CPaaS platform forms the backbone of Kandy’s MS Teams DRaaS service and is designed to integrate with carriers’ UCaaS and other third partner communications applications that require number and user management, SIP Trunking, and other capabilities.

Overall, as we continue to push ever further into an exciting digital age, digital communications and collaboration capabilities are going to become increasingly essential to modern-day business. Kandy’s Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) solution was created to help service providers address the needs of organizations as they adopt the cloud, embrace agile innovation, and deploy programmable communications that increase productivity, improve the user experience, and grow the business.

To learn more about how Kandy is enabling DRaaS for a major Tier 1 US Service provider, click on Contact Kandy below and submit your request.