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The world is changing, and the corporate training industry is changing along with it. 

Maintaining employee education goals and certification priorities is rapidly becoming more remote – and more digital. The remote training industry is growing exponentially as employers begin to grasp the requirements and benefits of remotely educating their workforce. At the same time, employees realize the benefit to expanding their knowledge and skillset via the most convenient platforms available to them.

Continuing Education for a Lifetime – Beyond educational institutions and into the Workforce

In response to the recent worldwide lockdowns, 82 percent of organizations conducted some - if not all - of their compliance training online. On top of this, 85 percent of employees took part in remote training within the past year, whether it was company-provided or self-driven.

Well organized, thoughtful, and personalized skill-based training has always been critical to the established work process. As we have found even more recently, it has also become a reliable way to boost employee retention and satisfaction.

Remote and Online Education Results in Vastly Improved Employee Retention

In 2020, 87 percent of millennials and 69 percent of non-millennials considered career development as an essential part of a job, and 94 percent of employees say that they would be more willing to stay in those corporations that prioritize and invest in employee career development.  

As the pandemic hopefully seems to be coming to an end soon, there is a new awareness and interest in the intangible benefits of remote learning. On-demand, remote training allows employees to have a very personalized training experience -empowering them to take the evolution of their education into their own hands.

When the subject matter hits close to home, students of all varieties are more likely to retain, use, and pass on valuable job-related information. It is routinely becoming the rule rather than the exception.

Remote Learning Improves Work/Life Balance - Improving Flexibility and Course Selection

The online learning delivery method that a business selects for its employees offers greater flexibility to create their desired learning schedules. Employees can learn and work remotely at preferred times of day and can focus on other responsibilities during the remainder of their workday. Remote employees can access the training platform from the device of their choosing, regardless of location – selecting to use their PCs, laptops, or mobile devices from anywhere.

From the employer's perspective, effectively trained employees exhibit increased confidence when handling more complex tasks - vastly improving morale, driving increased employee retention, and contributing to clear career progression.  

These benefits result in more employee loyalty and lower company costs related to retention, hiring, and re-training of the workforce. On top of this, remote training sessions can also improve company performance. Training courses, conducted the right way, offer the opportunity for staff to be better connected and motivated, which naturally leads to an improvement in personal performance that positively impacts a company's results.

Reliable Web-based Real-Time Communications Platforms Vastly Enhance the Online Student Experience

At Kandy, we harness the potential that remote learning can have on various industries - which is why we believe in the improvement of technology solutions that can optimize the remote training model.

We provide a portfolio of tools offering real-time access and collaboration services that can benefit businesses of every kind. Our Kandy Unified Communications and Collaboration Platform as a Service UCaaS) as well as the Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) solutions builds upon our APIs and SDKs on our carrier-grade, secure cloud, giving companies and educational institutions the tools necessary to enable employees and instructors, helping remote learning achieve its full potential.

Kandy allows for business and other employers to provide employees with training to ensure they will prosper at work. By offering seamless voice applications and optimized audio quality combined with high quality, low-latency video with scalable resolution, the platform paired with digital learning applications enables employees and instructors the ability to communicate in real-time, with an excellent Quality of Experience (QoE).

High-definition video and audio on Kandy CPaaS helps keep things from getting complicated or falling apart mid-meeting, with simplified and secure ways to communicate with employees regardless of where they are or which device they are using to participate in virtual meetings. Employees have easy access to more personalized training experiences, which in turn helps them excel at their job, which ultimately leads to a more productive and successful company.

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