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Sweet Rev Eng for Mobile Communications Service Providers Everywhere

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Roy Timor-Rousso, General Manager, fring Alliance

What an exciting and busy year it has been since the fring Alliance was announced in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress in 2015. We have traveled the world, visiting every continent, and built an impressive community of the most innovative thinkers in the real-time communications industry, each of whom are leading the charge for their companies in creating the future, and replacing "minutes" with "magic."

We do so many things really well in the mobile services world that the challengers cannot compete with, and have spent tens of billions building not just technology but massive pools of subscribers who count on their mobile devices (and more) to do their jobs, live their lives, enjoy their friends and family, and participate in an increasingly globalized society.

What do we, as a community, offer that challengers like free messaging services don't? 

Here's a short list: 

1.    Quality messaging whether voice, text or video and ability to move sessions seamlessly across networks 

2.    Billing and operating systems enabling subscribers to buy things, transfer funds, and manage the economics of their services in real-time 

3.    Global reach through not just cellular and WiFi networks, but through the PSTN which in many places is still required to reach people who do no yet have access to next generation networks 

4.    Customer service people there to help and guide subscribers through their choices of devices, data plans, and access to new services in addition to increasingly sophisticated self-service options on the web and mobile web

5.    Relationships with massive enterprises, including brands, advertising agencies, ad networks, and more as the "true dawning" of opt-in mobile offers has arrived 

Even with all these strengths, the industry has struggled to keep pace with the innovation and speed the challengers have brought into the market - which is why our Alliance, including federation of address books that make free OTT conversations even easier and better for the "collective pool" of subscribers, makes SENSE. 

We're living in an exciting time - we have worked hard together to build the foundation for many years to come, and couldn't be more proud of the "law of attraction" that made 2015 an incredibly satisfying year, and this year's Mobile World Congress an even bigger party! 

Last week at MWC we announced our revenue engine applications, the first of many innovations to come that the fring Alliance team is building WITH our members, on our best in class Kandy platform. In fact, the fring client and services were completely rebuilt on Kandy over the last 18 months, to take full advantage of GENBAND's "carrier grade" infrastructure which is now being made available 100% as a service, via private and connected clouds. 

When we met with the fring Alliance charter members at the first annual Global Summit, last November in Istanbul, it was the collective that prioritized the development of "Sweet Rev Eng" moneymakers to replace the dying "minutes" business, for one, but to also delight subscribers and drive data revenues. 

fring Alliance Members in Istambul1.    Federated Experiences - Finding Friends Made Easy 

2.    In-App Advertising - Opt In Offers Consumers Like

3.    In-App Payments - Share The Love In More Ways than One

4.    User-Generated Content - Creating Multimedia Experiences for Family and Friends

All these are more will be marketed by fring Alliance and its members - white labeled by them. 

Sweeter still?



Stay tuned for ongoing introductions of money-making experiences and services that are being created by the fring Alliance team ("Macro Apps") and by the members themselves ("MicroApps") as well as a range of Kandy flavors of what we're calling "wrappers." 

2016 is the TAKEBACK year for our community - a fring Alliance movement that will be marked by lots of creative campaigns and collective energy. 

Here are a few moments from our celebration at Mobile World Congress at our exclusive Kandy party, thanking our members for their confidence and creative contributions, and celebrating the upcoming launch of what we believe will be the world's largest rich communications services network offering high quality multimedia messaging, globally, but well beyond that - services consumers value that make our members money. 

Join us also at our annual customer event in Orlando, Perspectives16  where we'll be rolling out even more sweet services that are already changing the dynamics and changing - the game. 


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