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#TheKandyThrowdown Results are in!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

By Alex Donn, Director of Developer Relations, Kandy

The results of the Kandy Throwdown are in, and one thing for sure is that an array of developers from a variety of backgrounds proved that any app can be made more human with the Kandy.

Developers were challenged to use to embed their new or updated applications with real-time communications (RTC) features like voice, video, co-browsing, SMS, conferencing, and more, to see who amongst them had the sweetest app. With $30,000 in cash prizes up for grabs, each team – ranging from student groups to businesses and organizations – wasted no time in throwing down its best, newly-enhanced solution.

Our panel of industry-leading judges tested each idea and evaluated it based on originality, use of the Kandy API, and just how much it improved on the original. The panel included both members of the Kandy team (co-founder, Paul Pluschkell; Director of Developer Evangelism, Alex Donn; VP of Cloud Solutions, Patrick Asher; and Principal Architect, Jean-Francois Morin,) and other experts such as  Rich Tehrani, CEO of TMC, and Founder of Pitch + Pivot, Garrett Smith.

"It was quite surprising to see that the uses for the platform are limited only by one's own creativity and problem at hand," said Garrett Smith. "From industries served to problems solved, the entrepreneurs produced a diverse range of creative applications that harnessed the powerful communications and collaboration platform in unique and often very effective ways."

Among the numerous impressive entries, these apps managed to stand out before the judges:

Mercury – The Road Side Emergency Response Angel: created by Mrityunjay Pandey, the Grand Prize winning app is all about immediate and long term safety of a driver injured in a crash. The application uses car sensor data and collaborated insurance and hospital information to provide first responders with vital statistics. Using RTC video technology, Mercury puts an injured driver face-to-face with first responders even before they arrive to the scene of the crash. The video interaction is even recorded and uploaded to the cloud if further examination of incident is necessitated by insurance.Mercury

Diabetic Kandy: developer Samir Toumi created a Grand Prize Runner Up and winner of The Kandy Throwdown's Most Addictive Kandy award. Toumi's app allows diabetes patients to share up-to-date glucose readings with their doctors from anywhere in the world. In the spirit of the competition, Diabetic Kandynot only innovatively employs real-time communications but also makes a potentially enormous contribution to the medical industry.


Travel Buddy: winner of both the Popular Choice and Best of Business awards, Travel Buddy was designed by developers, Basar Buyukkahraman and Serdar Simsek, to help plan a local experience for tourists traveling abroad.TravelBuddy

You Snooze, You Lose: for their take on the modern alarm clock, Terri Burns and Omayeli Arenyeka took home the Kandy Throwdown's Best Student Made app. To keep themselves from missing class in the morning, the two students have incentivized waking to your alarm. Snoozing your alarm tone or sleeping through it all together triggers a text to a friend, email to a professor, or an embarrassing tweet.

Social Networking Gateway (SNG): created by a team of six developers (Priya Nataraj, Ravi Krishna, Spoorthi NB, Pallavi N, Suhas Gajakosh, and Sreenivasu Polisetty), SNG provides a platform for unified access to email, social, and enterprise networks. An aggregated perspective of networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, Instagram, Yammer, Gmail and Yahoo Mail won SNG the Kandy Throwdown's Large Organization Recognition award.

Study Buddy: Vernes Okanovich and Khalil Jammal produced the Grand Prize Runner Up,  an app that uses RTC to provide a tutoring forum for college students. Features like photo sharing and chat provide unlimited resources and the opportunity for continuous learning. 


Be sure to take a look at the many other award winning applications!

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