Three Industry Applications for Microsoft Teams Direct Routing as a Service

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Much of the dramatic and continued growth of Microsoft Teams is due to Direct Routing.  By enabling a connection to the Public Switched Telephone Network, Direct Routing provides a consistent interface and predictable costs for voice communication, which is especially valuable for geographically distributed enterprises.  The challenge with Direct Routing is the setup, configuration, and ongoing administration can be complex., by adding the ability to call out to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) network. 

Kandy’s unique Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) solution leverages our global managed cloud platform and Microsoft certified SBCs to integrate with the PSTN.  Kandy enhances Direct Routing with a simple yet powerful portal that allows a customer to manage adds, moves, and changes. For Communications Service Providers who own and operate their own networks, Kandy’s white-label cloud-based platform provides pre-built infrastructure so the CSP can offer a Direct Routing service quickly and minimize capex and opex.  DRaaS can be used in many different industry verticals, from retail to banking and finance, to healthcare, education, and government. 

Here are a few examples of the kinds of solutions we’ve been implementing as one of the first and leading providers of Microsoft DRaaS for Teams.

Retail and DRaaS 

Frontline retail workers are essential to brand identity and customer experience, and they are often the first impression customers have. Until recently, retail leaders have focused their digital transformation efforts around improving customer experience (CX) through more efficient operations, supply chain practices, secure payment options, inventory replenishment systems, and more. 

Lately, retail executives have begun to realize the significant impact CX has on the bottom line, and how frontline workers’ experiences influence it. From store managers to department managers, and from sales associates to cashiers, front line workers need to be provided useful and hassle-free access to communications tools to perform their tasks more efficiently.  By implementing technologies that target the activities and needs of these critical employees, retail organizations can design an elevated experience for both frontline workers and customers to drive better business results.

Microsoft Teams serves as a modern, intuitive, and secure collaboration solution. With Kandy DRaaS, retail organizations can connect off-network, remote, and mobile employees to their frontline employees together with the corporate buying offices, human resources and more, across thousands of locations, supporting hundreds of thousands of team members. By giving everyone the tools, resources, and flexibility they need to work efficiently, they can improve CX while improving the employee experience (EX) at the same time.

Healthcare improved via DRaaS

Microsoft Teams is helping healthcare providers address unprecedented challenges, satisfy new and complex patient expectations, and enable advanced innovation in digital health solutions. At the heart of this transformation are frontline healthcare workers – the physicians, nurses, specialists, pharmacists, social workers, and other care team member who make a huge difference in patient experience (PX). 

Microsoft Teams for frontline healthcare workers, with its customizable range of apps to improve engagement, efficiency, and productivity with a better PX that leads to consistently better business outcomes in parallel. 

Users can access Teams using DRaaS to access PSTN calling on a multitude of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices, facilitating collaborative work within and between frontline teams, employees, and the rest of the organization. With Kandy’s DRaaS, connectivity is predictable and premium regardless of where these teams are located, including across massive multi-site healthcare systems in the U.S. or internationally, with secure sessions and outstanding voice, video, and collaboration capabilities. 

Government efficiencies gained with DRaaS

Microsoft Teams for Government is growing and evolving as fast as other industry sectors, with new sites coming online each month. For example, government employees can host professional presentations from anywhere, and users can connect or dial in from anywhere according to their preferences. For national virtual conferences, breakout room timers ensure teams can efficiently attend numerous sessions in a fully secure environment. 

Live translations, captions and other features ensure teams can easily understand what is being said, with 27 languages available, and these live transcripts and recording features can be set to turn on automatically when a meeting begins, ideal for compliance. 

But, if communications are not optimized for quality and reach, and if employees cannot connect when they are traveling and using their smartphones to join secure meetings, these features don’t matter. Kandy’s DRaaS ensures great experiences for internal meetings, even when users dial in from remote or mobile locations over the PSTN also improving and extending the reach of the “citizen experience” when integrated with contact centers and other public-facing platforms. 

The end-to-end functionality of Microsoft Teams makes it easier for any industry to transform how they collaborate and communicate, and the enhancements that adding PSTN connectivity using DRaaS provides means greater access, more security, and the best possible audio and visual experiences. 

To learn more about Kandy’s DRaaS offering, one of the first to market, and absolutely the best, including the implementation for one of the leading Tier One service providers in the US, fill in the Contact Kandy form below and we’ll have an expert reach out to you.