Virtually Flawless: Ten Tips for Producing World Class Video Meetings

    by Sara Hughes, SVP, Enterprise Customer Experience & Channel Marketing

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    Virtual meetings are now becoming the rule, rather than the exception. As organizations continue to rely even more on collaboration applications, we are sharing a few tips on ensuring you and your team continue to remain at their best online!

    Before the Meeting

    Conference Invitation Info

    Make sure you email the link to the video conference but also a dial-in number, access code and password (if required) within the body of your invitation so everyone can easily access without delaying the meeting to assist others.

    Consider Your Audio Source

    A headset or earbuds minimize background noises, give your voice quality an uplift and avoid audio feedback and echo. Is your speakerphone or microphone too close to your keyboard? Move it further away, so we do not hear you typing – mute yourself when typing!

    Minimize Distractions

    Silence your cell phone, make sure there is nothing in the line of sight of your camera that could be distracting if you are on video (messy room, unmade bed, etc.)

    Disable Notifications

    If you are presenting and/or speaking, you should disable any dings & rings that would be distracting to those trying to listen to you.

    Test Your Connection in Advance

    Prior to using new equipment or services, it is best to login early and make sure your audio & camera are working properly.

    Check Your Internet Connection

    If you do not have a stable internet connection, consider muting your computer mic & speakers and dial in for your audio. Turn off your camera.

    You can still see what is shared via computer.

    Consider Your Lighting

    If you sit near a window, or have a lamp, overhead lighting, ceiling fan on, etc. consider their impact on your video. Are you too washed out or dark? Turn it off/on, cover it or change location.

    During the Meeting

    Login as Moderator not Guest

    Make sure you login as the moderator to your own conferences so you can control participants.

    Check Your Video View

    Your entire head, neck & shoulders should be in the center of the window. You should be close to the camera to ensure people can see you.

    Look at the Camera

    If speaking, and your video is on, you should look at the camera, not at yourself talking on the computer screen, especially if they are on different monitors. If your camera is external, move near your main screen.

    Mute Audio for Large Conferences

    If you are speaking to a large audience, mute audio for all participants to minimize distractions and background noises. Open back or use chat for Q&A.

    MUTE When You are Not Speaking

    This ensures others will not hear your background noises such as typing, rustling of papers, dogs barking, dings & rings, etc. while others are speaking.

    Be Aware of Your Behavior        

    If you tend to multi-task during a video call, put your head down to write notes, answer another call or get up to leave the room- it is evident to those watching that you are distracted – please turn off your camera. Remember we can see what you are always doing!

    After the Meeting

    Make sure you exit and fully leave the video conference before going to the next meeting or leaving the room.