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Kandy Testimonials

Kandy is a Communications Platform-as-a-Service

Kandy was created to help companies embed communications right into the software applications and web applications that are part of their workflow and how they do business – with the same communication options and convenience that mobile devices provide for their customers and employees in their personal lives. With Kandy, communication becomes more immediate and contextual resulting in better business outcomes.

Ribbon Communications' Kandy Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) is a real-time software development platform built from Ribbon’s core communications, presence, security and real-time technologies. Kandy enables service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators, partners and developers to enrich their applications and services with real-time contextual communications, providing a more engaging user experience. With Kandy, companies of all sizes and types can quickly embed real-time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes. For more information visit kandy.io.


What Kandy Offers:
  • CPaaSAPIs, SDKs and more so you can add communications anywhere
  • Cloud Unified Communications (UCaaS) to the largest service providers and enterprises around the globe
  • Lightweight apps or Kandy Wrappers that are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that you can deliver standalone or insert into your website or application to embed real-time communications


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