Jeff Singman

SVP, Sales and Marketing

Jeffrey joined Kandy full time in 2016 and is responsible for product, sales, marketing and customer experience.


Jeffrey is an expert at creating, marketing, and selling innovative products and solutions, connecting people and ideas with the resources, processes and ecosystems that accelerate success. His expertise includes telecom, software, IT, security, mobile, e-commerce, and SaaS solutions, with experience in media, financial, service provider, enterprise and healthcare verticals serving many Fortune 500 companies.

Jeffrey started his career at NBC, responsible for worldwide network services, and digitization initiatives for this major television network as Director, Engineering and Strategic Development. Jeff was a pioneer in conferencing and IP video as VP & General Manager, Conferencing for Global Crossing. Later, Jeff served as COO at Bright Sky Holdings, a technology incubator focused on advanced digital advertising software solutions. He then served as GM, North America, for IP Trade, SVP and COO for Lucid Security, and SVP, Moneyline Networks heading up product management.

A serial entrepreneur, Jeff also founded Vizicom and Tri Mil Consulting to bring end-to-end next generation, real time communications products and services to businesses. Jeff is a member of the IEEE, holds an AEE from CDI, and attended Columbia's University Telecommunications program.