Video API

Easily integrate high quality, low-latency video with Kandy’s video API. By simply integrating Kandy’s video API, users can collaborate more efficiently through the webRTC video functions. Kandy’s webRTC video feature enables multi-party conversations while allowing users the ability to connect by hearing more than just a voice.

Check out how Toy Genius embeds Kandy’s video API to offer customers a virtual VIP shopping experience, allowing an expert to find you the perfect gift out of thousands of products.

WebRTC App

With a fully integrated webRTC app, video becomes easily accessible on both web and mobile platforms. Not only does Kandy’s webRTC app integration include calling and messaging features, its video capability increases the functionality of any business application. The innovative new webRTC app wizard serves as an alternative to more costly traditional solutions such as toll-free calling and offers business quick connections to their customer markets. Whether for internal business use or to improve online customer engagement, Kandy’s real-time communications features can be customized by any business to create webRTC apps designed to meet its specific needs.


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