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One Billion End Customers through Five Global Communication Service Providers


How do you get one billion end customers through five global communications service providers?  with Kandy Consumer Solutions – that’s how. Kandy enables service providers to deliver instant messaging, voice and video services to their subscribers, who could number in the billions. While many Over-The-Top (OTT) companies measure growth by the number of daily and monthly active users on their networks, Kandy Consumer Solutions deliver the community of choice to meet the demanding needs of today’s professionals, regardless of where they are in the world. Instead of focusing on building the largest social network in the world, Kandy Consumer Solutions are focused on building a mobile lifestyle designed for the way we work today.

With the goal of meeting the communications needs of today’s professional, the Kandy Consumer Solutions leverage our exclusive white label over-the-top (OTT) app and its market-proven technology that is already delivering cloud-based, cost-effective messaging, video and voice capabilities to some of the world’s leading service providers. Kandy Consumer Solutions also offers service providers a real-time OTT communications platform that brings a differentiated, superior native user experience. Kandy Consumer Solutions provides a straightforward federation of Service Provides and enables their subscribers to conveniently reach each other via a shared directory, allowing the community to create massive scale.

Offering users “apps within an app” through its micro app community also allows the Kandy Consumer Solutions to achieve its objective of addressing every aspect of our lifestyle by allowing developers and software makers to create micro apps that are specifically designed for user engagement (payments, advertising, stickers, content, etc.). These micro apps live inside the Kandy OTT app, much like webpages live on the internet.


fring pay

Micro App with Payment Enabled via Kandy

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Powered by Kandy

Kandy Consumer Solutions are powered by the award-winning Kandy communication platform. Kandy helps communications service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors and systems integrators to rapidly deploy real-time communications apps designed for today’s mobile-first economy.  With more than 1,500 user accounts and 50 partners including global brands such as IBM, Deloitte and SAP, Kandy is helping its ecosystem partners and customers bring thousands of innovative use cases to market.

The Kandy team has taken to the streets to give everyone from developers to C-level executives an opportunity to experience the platform firsthand via the KandyMobile. The KandyMobile is a state-of-the-art tour bus fully equipped with Kandy technology and demonstrations. Since January 2015, the KandyMobile has traveled more than 20,000 miles throughout North America, attending conferences, hackathons and partner events. 

Open Invitation to Application & Software Vendors

Kandy Consumer Solutions extend beyond core communication services and allow service providers to enter new domains with a growing suite of innovative services including micro apps and mobile value-added services that go beyond the minute paradigm.  Extending the same spirit and success of the Kandy ecosystem, Ribbon Communications invites application developers and software vendors to gain access to the micro apps community. We are starting with six unique categories designed for today’s professionals: 

  • Mobile Financial Services
  • Encrypted Communications
  • Productivity 
  • Advertising and Sponsorship
  • Content
  • Loyalty Programs

Our First Partner

We are proud to welcome our first micro apps – Stitch Greeting Cards.



Stitch Greeting Cards Micro App in the Kandy OTT App


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Benefits of Joining the Micro Apps Community

  • Baseline addressable market is now between approximately 200 - 300 million subscribers worldwide and is expected to grow to 900 million – 1.2 billion in 3-5 years
  • Simple stickiness interface for your micro app
  • Revenue share between CSP, Kandy and the micro app partner
  • Identity, payment and billing handled by Kandy
  • Rapid onboarding of micro apps without the need to custom develop for individual CSPs

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