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Rich Messaging

The key benefit that Kandy offers is the ability to support rich messaging interfaces on any device – smartphone, tablet, PC, or MAC. In addition to the basic SMS and MMS features that cover sending texts, pictures, and videos, Kandy’s messaging API offers other rich messaging features essential to communication. With group messaging, location sharing, and contact sharing, users can ensure a fully integrated system that fosters collaboration and efficiency.

See how IBM’s Social Collaboration platform integrates Kandy’s rich messaging features to foster productivity and put human connection at the heart of business.


dodoKandy provides the opportunity of using text to replace audio when traditional audio conversations are an inefficient use of time. By integrating text into the business process, multiple users can make more rapid and accurate decisions, all while managing multiple devices. Full international SMS functionalities can be added to applications through simple SMS API access.


Check out Dodo Phone Anywhere for Android and Apple, a mobile application that uses Kandy’s SMS API to enable free app-to-app messaging while also providing free voice calls, video calls, and file sharing.


Two-factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication ensures extra security to any login. With Kandy’s two-factor authentication, users can be prompted to enter an extra code in addition to their password. This feature benefits internal messaging by ensuring protection of valuable information.


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