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Enterprises across the globe are adapting to how their customers and their employees expect to communicate. Whether the driver is profitability, productivity or mobility, organizations are motivated to deliver more avenues to connect, collaborate and complete activities. While traditional providers offer one size fits all premises or cloud products, Kandy is different.

Yes, Kandy UCaaS offers robust cloud UC services and multi-channel cloud contact center support, but that’s just the beginning. Kandy provides an advanced Kandy Link WebRTC gateway with voice and video APIs that make it compelling to communication enable websites or add video to a contact center experience. Kandy also offers your developers even more flexibility with robust communication APIs that embed chat, messaging, IM, presence, collaboration and more. And most importantly, Kandy is designed to expedite service delivery so return on investment is measured in days not years.

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Kandy Delivers


  • Robust cloud UC for small and large organizations
  • Compelling desktop and mobile clients – with collaboration
  • Solutions to web and video enable existing contact centers
  • Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway for enabling superior web-based experiences
  • APIs & SDK to enhance any application with communication services
  • Rapid service deployment
  • Unparalleled value
Omni Technology Changes Client Economics

Kandy deploys innovative Omni client technology that mashes up multiple cloud services and local applications into a single client experience. Kandy offers Omni-based clients for Smart Office and Skype for Business.

Omni technology use web programming tools like javascript and html, along with client containers that integrate with the local operating system. Omni provides significant cost benefits, user experience benefits and better alignment with cloud deployment of applications. 

They Chose Kandy!

ConnX AI

ConnX improves customer service for global enterprises with Kandy!

Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway

Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway allows you to enhance the contact center experience for your customers. Kandy Link let's you web-enable your contact center experiences providing better customer experiences and engagements.

Increase customer engagement, experience and satisfaction with
Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway
  • Let customers click-to-call into your contact center from a web site in context of the engagement
  • Enable your agents to work from anywhere via the web agent consoles enabled with WebRTC
  • Enable your agents to support call transfer and mid-call events
  • API enable your existing call control and PBX environments by easily bolting on Kandy Link
  • Support calls to SIP phones on your existing PBX or UC environments

Kandy Link - WebRTC Solution


Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway

Creating Better Customer Experiences and Better Value

Kandy Link - WebRTC & More

Increase customer engagement, experience and satisfaction with Kandy Link

Kandy Provides More UC Client Choices

Kandy offers a portfolio of UC clients that leverage Kandy’s UC services. Whether it’s a Smart Office Client that provides a native Kandy experience or one of our other Omni technology-based clients that provides familiar user experiences. Retaining a familiar UI eliminates the need to retrain users, even as services are expanded. Of course, these same UC services can be embedded into almost any modern web or mobile application. Kandy makes it easy to communication enable almost any business process.


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