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Any Software. Any Business Process. Any Device.

Kandy is the award-winning PaaS that lets you create amazing experiences by embedding real-time communications everywhere.

Independent Software Vendors (ISV) and Systems Integrators (SIs) face many similar challenges in today's competitive market. Differentiating from the competition and providing a unique value to customers requires a significant effort and monetary investment.

Kandy allows both ISVs and SIs to easily integrate communication and collaboration capabilities into their applications and solutions in a cost-effective, fast-to-market, scalable and carrier-grade fashion.

ISV Challenges
  • Move from Right-to-Use (RTU) to subscription based model
  • Users expect continuous upgrades and innovation
  • Need to provide users with communications within their apps workflows
  • Real-time communications not part of their core expertise
SI Challenges
  • Consolidation of multiple software and communication elements
  • Different user experiences and multiple client apps
  • Unique solutions that adapt to the customer’s requirements
  • Need flexibility to mash applications together with real-time communications

Make Your App Talk, Chat and Share

Embed real-time communications to let your users talk, chat and share within your own applications.

  • Go beyond click to call, click to chat—although these are great places to start—and bring in video conferencing, presence and collaboration tools to make your applications more immersive, more engaging
  • Enhance the experience with contextual data—whether it’s historical, analytical or just basic details—put the data in your users’ view to give them the full picture
  • Avoid the million-dollar R&D investment—embed real-time communications without the headache of building your own communications infrastructure and with the power of a highly secure, scalable, carrier grade foundation
  • Use Kandy RTC Clients to integrate a customer’s SIP voice infrastructure with Skype for Business, Google, Salesforce, IBM and more

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