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Service Providers - stop giving away your customers.
Kandy is your choice for a cloud communications platform.

White Label

Only cloud communications platform where you can use your brand to go to market with


Attach Kandy to your network or private NFV cloud with ease


Quickly deploy services using Kandy and your infrastructure, connectivity and billing


Quickly generate revenues with our packaged and turnkey applications and overlay services


Help your business customers with their Digital Transformation


Uniform communications and collaboration services across end user devices and platforms

Service Providers That Use Kandy

Innovate Every Day & Create Services Rapidly

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Communication Service Providers across the globe are being challenged by new market paradigms that correlate value to innovation and service agility. Unfortunately, innovation isn’t always easy to deliver and certainly not with aggressive time parameters. Real barriers, including regulation, competing priorities and a scarcity of appropriate talent often get in the way. That’s why we created Kandy, to offer CSPs alternative development and deployment choices that push those barriers aside and enable rapid service creation. Kandy is designed to help CSPs conceive, build and deliver innovative solutions, faster, every day.

Webinar – Kandy UCaaS 2.0

10/12/17 - 11am EDT
UCaaS 2.0: Differentiate and Protect Margins with CPaaS

Service Providers - Innovate Now with Kandy

Kandy enables Service Providers to innovate sooner and create value sooner. Of course, every provider’s challenges are different so Kandy offers different ways to leverage your existing network and talent pool. Choose market ready solutions, add value with compelling white-label or co-branded applications and services or enhance web and mobile applications with a powerful set of communication APIs. You also get the ability to overlay your existing SIP environments with quick, revenue-ready services with our pre-packaged Kandy Wrapper applications.

Take Your Services to the Next Level with Kandy

Bolt On

Easily connect your network to the Kandy Platform in our cloud via SIP Trunks and APIs. Alternatively, put the entire platform onto your private cloud with OpenStack and NFV. Utilize your infrastructure, global connectivity, ecosystem and billing to grow your revenues.

Build Upon

Rapidly build out and deploy innovative services using Kandy APIs, SDKs and your application developers. Alternatively, use our white-label, market-ready applications for business and consumer services.

Bring Together

Bring together services uniformly across different end user platforms and environments using our Omni Technology. Omni-based clients allow you to utilize and differentiate with our best in class cloud communications and collaboration technologies.

Webinar – Kandy Wrappers

Add Real-Time Communications in minutes with Kandy Wrappers

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