Kandy CPaaS Enables Embedded Communications

Embedded Communications means, sales making calls directly from a CRM application, doctors video-calling patients from the EHR system sharing X-rays and medical scans in real-time, students checking tutor availability and initiating a session on demand. All in high definition voice and video and integrating presence, messaging, chat, collaboration and more.

Kandy CPaaS enables embedded communications for enterprises as part of their broader digital transformation and enhanced customer engagement strategy. Kandy CPaaS APIs and SDKs, pre-packaged applications called Kandy Wrappers and a marketplace of ISVs for vertical markets allow enterprises to deliver immersive and superior embedded communication experiences.



Service Providers - Drive Revenues and Compete

API-enable your existing UCaaS, business applications, and digital processes with Kandy CPaaS and offer innovative and revenue-generating Embedded Communications Services

In the battle for enterprise customers, you are competing with new market entrants that are using cloud-based communications platforms with APIs to offer communications services to Enterprises with the promise of enhacing the customer engagement experience. Kandy's unique and market-leading white-label CPaaS offers you a lot more than programmable APIs – it includes innovative third-party applications from an ISV ecosystem including Braidio, and a marketplace for featuring vertical market applications and the ability to overlay existing SIP and UCaaS environments with WebRTC.

Kandy White-Label CPaaS Platform

Create Your Own CPaaS, UCaaS or Combined Offering Using Your Cloud, Our Cloud or Hybrid

Kandy CPaaS Use-Cases for Enterprises & Industry Verticals

Kandy Marketplace Partners Enable Digital Solutions for Industry Verticals

Kandy CPaaS APIs


Build seamless voice applications with IP-to-IP voice calls, SIP Trunking for PSTN calling and full WebRTC functionality including click to call.


Embed high quality, low-latency video with scalable resolution. With full WebRTC functionality, your applications will come alive on both web and mobile platforms


Add full text/SMS functionality to your applications including MMS and Rich Messages with pictures, video, group messaging, location and contact sharing


Initiate team communications and customer service using presence, co-browsing screen sharing and WebRTC voice and video enabling a truly immersive collaboration experience


Provides interactive one-on-one and group chat with presence, address book, enterprise directory and file sharing of pictures, videos and files

And More

Two Factor Authentication and more. Kandy is a full feature communications platform that will provide you with all the tools you need to allow your users to stay connected

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