Kandy Direct Routing as a Service

for Microsoft Teams

What is Kandy Direct Routing as a Service

A business-grade, fully managed, cloud-based solution for service providers to enable PSTN calling to enhance the enterprise Teams experience.  

Kandy’s white-label Direct Routing as a Service (DRaaS) solution makes it easy for service providers to offer 'bring-your-own-carrier' (BYOC) external calling to Microsoft Teams. Kandy provides integration of Microsoft Teams and the enterprise customer global PSTN voice and SIP Trunking requirements. Kandy’s DRaaS solution is cloud-based and requires no on-premise session border controller (SBC) equipment. We provide tenant setup, provisioning and management of phone numbers, users, enable license packages and voice plans using an intuitive digital portal. We integrate into carriers’ networks, and enable them to manage the enterprise PBX and UC infrastructure, as well as analog gateways and interfaces to legacy services in the enterprise customers' networks. 



DRaaS Microsoft Teams

Integrate PSTN calling into Microsoft Teams



Any-to-any calling

The enterprise workforce will be able to reach and call people outside their organization just as easily as internal contacts.

Get started easily

Deployment and provisioning is web-based and done for you, drastically reducing site visits. Set up and manage Teams tenant, users and phone numbers from the portal. 

Save time and money

Our cloud-based solution means no on-premise equipment to purchase or manage; we integrate existing SIP Trunks, PBXs, and analog gateways

Secure and scalable

Carrier-grade, reliable solution that easily scales for large, multi-site, multi-national networks. GCC High compliant for secure government cloud environments. 

Kandy Direct Routing as a Service 

Take advantage of these benefits



Benefits to Service Providers

Seamless Integration  Offer full integration of MS Teams and customer Global PSTN voice needs 
Save Time and Money  Cloud-based, fully managed service to save customer time and money
Rapid Deployment Remote deployment means no site visits – in days, not weeks or months 
Security  Fully GCC-High compliant – toughest security requirements are met
Scalability Ability to integrate large, multi-site networks in over 100 countries
Easy Provisioning  Readily provision and manage users, numbers, service bundles and MACDs
One Stop Shopping Offer PSTN Call Recording, multi-channel IVR and 3rd Party applications



Benefits to Enterprises

Any-to Any Calling Make internal MS Teams calls AND global PSTN calling right from Teams 
Easy Management We provide, manage and maintain SBCs that integrate Teams to PSTN 
Cost Savings Keep and integrate existing PBXs, SIP Trunks, analog gateways and devices
Time Savings Fully managed, cloud-based service deploys in days, and we maintain it 
Keep Your Carrier No need to switch carriers or change telephone numbers 
Optimize Voice Quality Media By-pass keeps data between the Teams user and the SBC – shorter path to traverse with fewer hops 



What is the difference between Direct Routing and Direct Routing as a Service ?

  • Direct Routing requires the enterprise to manage an on-premise or a cloud Session Border Controller (SBC) and associated routing themselves. With Kandy  Direct Routing as a Service, everything is managed in the cloud by Kandy for the Service Provider on behalf of the enterprise.

How do users make external calls?

  • It’s seamless to the enterprise user. Simply select the Calls tab in Teams and enter one or more phone numbers on the dialpad. Users can call and collaborate over a highly secure, global, business-quality voice connection to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) as well as to other on-line Teams users.

Does the Service Provider or Enterprise IT teams need to buy equipment?

  • We host and maintain all the equipment for you, including the Microsoft certified session border controllers (SBCs), and integrate Teams into your existing network and legacy infrastructure.

Can the Enterprise keep their existing phone numbers?

  • Yes, we can port their numbers. We can also provide new telephone numbers if they like.

Benefits of Kandy Direct Routing as a Service

White Label

Enables Service Providers to offer Direct Routing to Enterprise customers.

Global PSTN

Coverage in top 40 economies with DID access in over 100 countries.

Legacy Support

Integrate existing PBX and UC systems as well as legacy anallog gateways and devices.

White Glove

We can help do all the heavy lifting for you, from initial set up to MACD changes, with carrier-grade, 24/7 technical support.


You can provision Teams yourself, with automated or self-managed options.

And More

Experience and expertise matters, we can ensure your customers are fully supported.

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