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Service Providers looking for ways to provide a Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution of their own or deploy WebRTC based clients and services often face regulations and restrictions that are not applicable to OTT services, particularly in the data privacy and sovereignty space. And many enterprises and large government organizations require a tighter security over the user’s data and media than public cloud solutions can provide.

Kandy Link has been created to condense the power of the Kandy communications platform into an on-premise solution that allows CSPs and enterprises to leverage APIs and SDKs to provide differentiated user experiences and make communications an integral part of user processes and applications.

Kandy Link becomes a local extension of the Kandy CPaaS solution and provides WebRTC gateway, REST API proxy, media broker capabilities and the ability to deploy additional services in the network as micro-services.

Kandy Link goes beyond basic WebRTC gateway functionality delivering value added capabilities that accelerate the deployment of new services that contribute to enhance user retention, facilitate new revenues and markets and optimize the total cost of ownership.

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Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway

Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway allows you to enhance the contact center experience for your customers. Kandy Link let's you web-enable your contact center experiences providing better customer experiences and engagements.

Increase customer engagement, experience and satisfaction with
Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway
  • Let customers click-to-call into your contact center from a web site in context of the engagement
  • Enable your agents to work from anywhere via the web agent consoles enabled with WebRTC
  • Enable your agents to support call transfer and mid-call events
  • API enable your existing call control and PBX environments by easily bolting on Kandy Link
  • Support calls to SIP phones on your existing PBX or UC environments

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