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  • Service Providers, large enterprises and government organizations often face regulations and restrictions that are not applicable to OTT services when looking for ways to leverage Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solutions, or deploy WebRTC based clients and services, from their network. This is particularly so when considering user privacy and data sovereignty.  In addition, they may be seeking better media performance and need to route media locally in order to improve latency and quality.
  • Kandy Link WebRTC gateway condenses the power of the Kandy platform into an on-premise solution to address those needs. Kandy Link provides voice and video REST APIs, media broker capabilities and additional services from the Kandy cloud, such as mobile push REST APIs.
  • Kandy Link can also act as an extension of the Kandy Public Cloud when one of the multiple global Kandy data centers is selected as a regional POP. This can improve media latency and quality.
  • Kandy Link goes beyond basic WebRTC gateway functionality and trunk interworking, it supports additional subscriber services with selected Application Servers.
  • Kandy Link allows CSPs and enterprises to leverage APIs and SDKs to provide differentiated user experiences and make communications an integral part of user processes and applications. By delivering value added capabilities, Kandy Link can accelerate the deployment of digital transformation, and new services that help boost user retention, drive new revenues, and optimize the total cost of ownership.


Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway

Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway allows you to enhance the contact center experience for your customers. Kandy Link let's you web-enable your contact center experiences providing better customer experiences and engagements.

Increase customer engagement, experience and satisfaction with
Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway
  • Let customers click-to-call into your contact center from a web site in context of the engagement
  • Enable your agents to work from anywhere via the web agent consoles enabled with WebRTC
  • Enable your agents to support call transfer and mid-call events
  • API enable your existing call control and PBX environments by easily bolting on Kandy Link
  • Support calls to SIP phones on your existing PBX or UC environments

Kandy Link WebRTC for Service Providers

Kandy Link WebRTC for Contact Center

Kandy Link - WebRTC Solution

Kandy Link WebRTC Gateway Solution brief

Using the Web to Extend the Value of Service Provider Networks

Kandy Link - Empowering Enterprises and CSPs

Performance and Regulatory

Comply with data privacy and sovereignty requirements, reduce latency and ensure QoS keeping user media local

Micro-Services Framework

Facilitates local deployment of applications such as mobile push, UCWS (Skype for Business), rich messaging, presence, etc.

Automated Updates

Kandy Link is always running the latest stacks for enhanced security and new features are constantly being delivered

Augment with Cloud Services

Seamlessly redirect apps and clients to the Kandy Public Cloud for value added services such as Kandy Wrappers, SIP Trunk-as-a-Service, and Business Solutions

Common API/SDKs

Kandy Link uses the same APIs and SDKs as the Kandy Public Cloud CPaaS, allowing application reusability and providing more flexibility

Extended Market Reach

New services that can be sold beyond your current market, even to customers on competitor’s networks. Enterprise applications that can expand beyond your local, regional or national boundaries

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Expanding Service Reach with Web Based Clients

WebRTC provides the foundational elements to enable the delivery of a uniform and compelling user experience across any device, leveraging the reach and capabilities of the web. With Kandy Link, services can be delivered to any internet user via a web browser. However, using a browser as the primary means of communication has several limitations that hinder the user experience (need to keep the browser tab open, media/device selection buried within browser settings, limited notifications and alerts and more).

Kandy Omni Technology uses Kandy Link to bring together services uniformly across different end user platforms and environments. Omni-based clients leverage the REST APIs within Kandy link to create HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript based clients that run natively within a binary container on the device’s operating system. The patent pending Omni container exposes the machine/OS resources to the web based client using JavaScript APIs. The application container is packaged and distributed to the end user with the client’s URL preloaded and after that, all new changes, functionality and capabilities are applied on the server, minimizing the cost of rolling out new software to the end user every time new features are introduced.

Omni is not about the technology, it’s about savings!

  • One UI across all devices that you can customize for your world
  • It costs less to deploy and no need to upgrade every few weeks
  • Your users will not know the difference because it still installs and executes as any other application
  • You can change the entire user experience by replacing the web content on the server
Omni Diagram

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