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Kandy Live Support enables business websites with immersive, interactive support capabilities that allow SMBs and enterprises to provide productive and efficient customer support at a fraction of the traditional cost of formal contact centers.  It's an ideal way to enhance a legacy voice-only call center that's cost prohibitive to upgrade, perfect as a departmental solution and a compelling way for a small business to offer a sophisticated customer engagement experience, without a full contact center.

Live Support uses the Kandy Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) solution to easily integrate real-time communications into an organization's.  It's as simple as embedding a single line of code to add the Live Support button on any webpage. 

By activating the button, users can select from an intuitive menu tree to contact the right sales or support agent on the first attempt.  There's no numbers to dial and no toll-free charges.  Customers are immediately connected to a live agent or interact with an AI-based agent (via a chatbot or natural language processing). The Live Support window shows customers their position in the queue (if all the relevant agents are busy).  If an AI agent starts a conversation, customers can easily be escalated to a live agent (including their conversation history) for additional assistance. Live agents can leverage text chat, voice or video (including 2-way video via a mobile device) to deliver the right level of engagement for each customer.  

Use Live Support to:

  • Create a web-based concierge for more personalized online retail
  • Leverage two-way video for customer support issues (users can show agents a problem vs describe it) 
  • Provide off-hour or 24/7 support using AI-based agents
  • Reduce hold times or agent staff costs using AI-based agents

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Deliver an Omnichannel Contact Center in 30 Minutes or Less with Kandy Live Support

Kandy Live Support

Why Does Your Business Need Live Support

Allow your users to connect to a live support expert faster and easier

They Chose Kandy!

ConnX AI

ConnX improves customer service for global enterprises with Kandy!

Rich Messaging Chat

Users can share images and videos with their support representative to better describe the issues that need resolution

Screen Sharing

Support experts can remotely assist users in real-time by activating screen sharing directly within the Live Support window

Works on Web and Mobile

Unlike other competing solutions, Live Support also works when your users access your website via their smartphone

Easy to Deploy

Use the back end portal to define the menu tree, create the button and generate the HTML embed code for your website

For Businesses of All Sizes

Micro businesses, SMBs, Enterprises and Large Contact Centers can benefit from Live Support as an overlay or fully integrated

WebRTC Enabled

Voice and Video calls directly from the website. Agents use web browser console or tablet app

See How Live Support Works!

Watch the "Build your button" Tutorial

Live Support's Digital Cognitive Agent

Reintroducing the Human Factor into Automated Customer Service

Live Support offers Digital Cognitive Agent options to combine Live Support's customer service capabilities with cost-effective Artificial Intelligence (AI) services.  Start a conversation 24/7 with an IBM Watson powered chatbot and easily escalate if more engagement is required.  Use natural language processing to route your call to the right department or team.   Harness the power of AI to contain the costs of customer support by automatically handling routine user questions and seamlessly escalating to a live agent when interaction becomes more complex or a user’s mood starts to change.

“50% of millennials prefer to use chat instead of voice for simple tasks but 75% prefer to talk live for more complex interactions”

Live Support Solution Briefs

Live Support

Live Support with Digital Cognitive Agent (DCA)

Kandy Voice AI (IVR Services)

Live Support Advantages

  • Accelerates trouble resolution and increases customer satisfaction
  • Easy and organized visualization of contacts directory structure
  • Flexibility to choose or program different modes of communication (chat, voice, video) between users and agents
  • Scales for micro businesses, SMBs, enterprises and large call centers
  • Can be overlaid onto your existing support infrastructure or fully integrated, your choice
  • Add to your website with one line of code
  • Back end administration portal for easy creation/configuration of directory trees and support button
  • Works with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets
  • Includes simple, easy to use application for customer service agents
  • Chat history – Transcript can be sent to user by email
  • Agent and user can share images and videos (Rich Messaging) or use screen sharing for guided support

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The Importance of Excellent Customer Support

Did you know that 82% of consumers say they will stop doing business with a company due to bad customer service? And still, most companies are using a phone, email or a contact form on their website to interact with their users.

Making users send an email or fill in a form looks like a punishment for wanting help.  If users opt for a phone call, , that often means  listening to an IVR system that presents them a set of limited options. Often, the one they need is not listed or they are asked  to explain in their own words what they need, but understands whatever it wants and forcedly sends the users to an option of its own choosing. It’s not a surprise that, 12% of users abandon IVR queues.

If your users are looking for help on your website, why make it so hard? Why not provide them with help quickly and easily from your website via text chat, voice or video call and Screen Share?

Kandy Live Support provides the most interactive, productive and efficient customer support experience with an easy to deploy solution for your website that embeds real-time communications into your customer support portal.

The facts about customer service
  • 82% of consumers stop doing business due to bad customer service
  • 55% cited issues that weren’t resolved in a timely manner
  • 12% of users will abandon an IVR queue
  • 75% of users say it takes too long to reach a live agent
  • 68% of consumers would spend more with companies that provide excellent customer service
  • 70% of consumers consider excellent customer service in top 3 factors when choosing a company/brand

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A Solution That Increases Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty While Saving You Money

Kandy Live Support uses Kandy Real-Time Communications APIs to simplify the integration of voice, video and live chat directly into your website.

When your users need assistance, all they do is click the support button on your website to be presented with an intuitive menu of alternatives that allow them to specify the help required and get sent to the right agent at the first attempt.

Live Support helps your agents resolve more customer issues directly from your website, without having to send a truck roll or a technician or having to replace a product that is functional but just not properly installed or configured. This is money that stays in your pocket!

Users can choose to contact the agents via chat for a more casual interaction, or via voice or video call directly from their web browser. No need to pick up the phone and dial!

If the user chooses to use voice or video, Live Support uses the WebRTC capabilities in the browser to handle the communication. But don’t worry, if the user is not using a WebRTC compatible browser, Live Support will present a phone number to dial using a traditional phone at the end of the menu tree.

If all of your agents are busy and the customer is placed on a queue, the Live Support dialogue will inform users of which position in the queue they have in real-time. .

Live Support also supports rich messaging to allow your users to send logs, images and videos to your support team and screen sharing to allow your support team to assist your users better.

And integrating Live Support into your Website couldn’t be easier. Just use the Live Support Configuration Portal to define the directory structure for your Live Support Button, choose the formatting for the button (background and text color or upload your own image) and generate the HTML embed code. Then just copy the code and paste it into your website where you want the Live Support button to appear.

It Works on Mobile Too!
Works on Mobile Too

Unlike other competing solutions, Live Support also works when your users access your website via their smartphone. On Android Phones, Live Support provides chat and voice/video calls within the browser. On iPhone, Live Support provides chat directly within the browser but since Safari does not support WebRTC, if the user wants to use voice, Live Support automatically makes the iPhone dial the designated support group number; and if the user wants to use video, Live Support send the user to download the Live Support iPhone app from the AppStore that will connect the video call to the remote agent.

Simple Web and Tablet Application for Your Agents.

Live Support allows customer support agents to log into their account using a web portal or a tablet application. From there they can manage multiple chat conversations simultaneously or one voice/video call at a time.

The Live Support agent console automatically logs your agents into their designated support group and allows them to see the pending chat, voice and video requests (queues) as well as their open chats.

Agents can change their presence from available to busy or offline and it is automatically set as busy when they are in a conversation with a customer. They also get a view of the other teams to which they belong including the presence information of their members.

Agents can initiate screen sharing to provide guided assistance to the users as well as share files such as images and videos with them.

And all of the customer interactions are tracked and recorded. Your agents can see the transcript of the chats and can send them to the users via email if needed.

Simple Web and Tablet Application

Move from Plain Phone Call to Screen Share and Web Chat with Live Support Call Promotion

Kandy Live Support can do much more for your business. It can be overlaid over your existing customer support infrastructure so that you don’t have to throw away your existing investments. And even when users reach your support agents by means of a standard telephone call, or when the Live Support voice call terminates on a SIP trunk or PSTN line to an agent using a voice only call center console. Live Support allows your agents to promote that call to a web chat or a screen share while keeping the initial audio call active on your existing infrastructure.

Your agent just has to send an automatically generated link to the user via SMS or email and, upon clicking on it, the user will automatically be entered into the same collaboration session in which your agent is, allowing them to share images, videos, or see each other’s camera.

Live Support adapts to the needs of businesses of all sizes and is truly a game changer in the customer support experience. Your users will never dread asking for support again!


Live Support in Action

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