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Unified Communications for the 21st Century Office


Today’s 21st century teenagers assume their communications will be multi-media and available from any device; UC isn’t a feature, it’s the essence of their interactions. Kandy believes that 21st century employees should have that same expectation when they communicate with customers and co-workers.

Kandy delivers an interactive suite of turn-key cloud UC services such as Cloud PBX, Cloud Contact Center and Cloud Collaboration. Packaged apps, Kandy Wrappers, can then be added to extend those services or conversely delivered in concert with existing investments. Use our clients or the most popular business tools. And of course our rich APIs can bring UC services into your own web or mobile apps. Regardless of how your organization communicates, Kandy unifies the experience.

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WebRTC Calling on Your Website
with Visual Attendant

Business Phone SMB includes Visual Attendant, a click-to-call interface that displays the Business Phone auto attendant menu on the business website. Customers can now call the business from the website, directly and reaching the right person via the menu selection.

The menu is automatically generated from the Business Phone auto attendant but can also be customized from an intuitive and easy to use portal. In minutes, the business website administrator can edit the menus and at the end of the process he/she just has to copy the HTML code generated by the portal and paste it in the business site in the location where the button needs to appear.

Visual Attendant uses the latest WebRTC technology to connect users but is also to connect legacy browsers and mobile users that aren’t webRTC ready–eliminating technology hiccups. Businesses will pay you for better service, you’ll get a new revenue stream and end users will have a new and easy way to get connected to the business.

visual auto attendant
visual auto attendant
visual auto attendant


SmartOffice - Collaboration

Smart Office Unified Communications Clients

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UC That Makes Business Sense

Add Individual UC Services

We recognize that UC means different things to different people/parts of an organization. Kandy provides pre-built unified communications functionality that organizations can inject it their websites or applications, with minimal customization.

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that can be delivered standalone or embedded into a website or application. Kandy Wrappers allow Communication Service Providers (CSPs), Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Enterprises to reduce their time to market by significantly reducing implementation effort and costs.

Kandy Wrappers Enable Customer Engagement by:
  • Enhancing product and service offerings with voice, video IM/chat & text
  • Facilitating engagement, communication and collaboration
  • Simplifying the delivery of advanced customer service style applications
  • Communication enabling applications or business processes
  • Accelerating time to market with simpler, faster and cheaper development and deployment.

Engage Customers with
Omni-channel Contact Centers powered by Five9

The value of an extra sale or impact of increased customer satisfaction can be clearly measured and directly impact the bottom line. That’s why business managers are willing to invest in enhancing their contact center with powerful engagement tools.  It's no longer enough to just connect via the phone.  Kandy has partnered with a market leader in cloud contact centers, Five9 to a market leading set of engagement tools.  

As organizations embrace the cloud, adding omni-channel contact center services is often a key driver.  And organizations are learning quickly that the elasticity inherent in cloud contact centers makes them the most cost-effective way to move far beyond legacy voice-only platforms.  With Kandy, simply choose the appropriate service package and buy the number of seats required. 

Of course, Kandy doesn’t force contact center managers to abandon their existing investment.  Kandy Wrappers can deliver UC services like chatbots and natural language-based AI agents with seamless escalation to live agents who can use voice, video or screen share to close the sale or close a case.  Use Kandy APIs to add communication services to your website or mobile app.


Kandy Cloud UC

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UC Clients that are Less Expensive
to Deploy and Manage


Kandy delivers UC services from the cloud, including voice, video, IM, presence, collaboration and more.  These services are coupled with our innovative Omni client technology that is uniquely capable of mashing up multiple cloud services and local applications into a single client experience. Omni technology consists of web programming with javascript, html, and style sheets, along with a device-specific client container that integrates with the local operating system.  Omni provides significant cost benefits, user experience benefits and better alignment with cloud deployment of applications. 

Reducing costs means simple branding with web tools and without rebuilding an application.  It means optimization for local platform behavior, and the ability to still use web programming techniques as well as offer pure web browser access.  Kandy services and client technology ultimately differentiate its user experiences in the emerging embedded communications model.

  • Integrated and unified user collaboration experience
  • Improved build, purchase and operational economics
  • Consistency across devices with anywhere access
  • The ability to instantly integrate other business applications via Custom Tabs
  • Instant deployment of updates and bug fixes and alignment with current cloud services
  • Portal-based branding allows clients to be customized in seconds

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