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Contact Center

As organizations embrace the cloud, contact center services are often a key driver.  Organizations are learning quickly that the elasticity inherent in cloud contact centers makes them the most cost-effective way to manage the customer engagement process.  

Of course, Call Center and Contact Center requirements can vary widely, even between groups inside the same organization.  Traditionally, that meant buying the most complicated contact center system and saddling the entire organization with the cost.

Kandy Business lets each group in an organization chose the package that fits their needs - from basic reports to sophisticated omni-channel packages that include powerful conversation monitoring tools.  With Kandy, simply choose the appropriate package and buy the number of sears required.  It's simple, cost-effective and elastic.

  • Kandy Group Calling Services - UCD and Wallboards

  • Kandy Call Center - Sophisticated and cost-effective for voice-only deployments

  • Kandy Live Support - WebRTC omni-channel customer engagement service
  • Kandy Cloud Contact Center- Powered by Five9  - Market leading omni-channel contact center

Kandy Business

Your Partner in the Cloud

Compelling Offer for Large Enterprise

Kandy Cloud Contact Center provides enterprises with one of the most sophisticated contact center solutions available.  We've partnered with an industry leader, Five9, to assure we can deliver inbound and outbound engagement tools that meet or exceed end customers expectations.  Organizations can be assured that they can connect with customers via traditional call center tools, text messaging, web chat, social media and more.  More importantly, agents and supervisors can dynamically adjust to support different inbound or outbound engagement types.  This reduces customer wait time and maximizes agent productivity.  It also delivers a comprehensive reporting model that enables managers to make the right decisions, right away.  

Legacy systems are expensive, cumbersome to operate and often only manages audio phone calls.

Kandy Business enables businesses to upgrade to the latest productivity tools without investing thousands in complex infrastructure that quickly becomes obsolete.  Businesses reduce labor costs and improve their customers' experiences.  Kandy Cloud Contact Center centralizes all of that power in the cloud, letting agents focus on customers and supervisors manage people, not systems.


DMG predicts that the number of cloud contact seats will grow by 22% in 2017, 22.5% in 2018 and 23% in both 2019 & 2020

- Source DMG Consulting LLC -

Small Business Ready

Live Reports

Watch traffic flow and team productivity

UCD Groups

Build informal teams to improve responsiveness

Custom Music on Hold

Advertise new products or upsell services

Auto Attendants

Multi-level menus route callers to the proper groups

Mobile Agents

Answer/manage calls from mobile clients

Time of Day Call Routing

Match group behavior to business hours

Request a Contact Center Demo

Improve customer experiences – reduce the cost of each interaction

Why Customers Choose Cloud Contact Center

Capex Avoidance

Kandy Contact Center eliminates up-front infrastructure expenditures and back-end infrastructure obsolescence by delivering an OPEX-based cloud service that is continually updated with market leading capabilities.

Cost Savings

Kandy Contact Center lowers operating and maintenance costs:

  • No need for dedicated IT staff to manage and maintain the Contact Center solution
  • No massive upgrade fees
  • No hardware maintenance
  • Updated software assures maximum agent productivity

Elasticity Management

Kandy Contact Center offers the elasticity businesses need for seasonal traffic fluctuations or campaign peaks; ramp-up and ramp-down additional agents as needed. Organizations pay only for the capacity they need now.

Immediate ROI

Kandy Contact Center’s pay-as-you-go model and minimal upfront costs allows call centers to grow organically without having to spend for future capacity. This allows business managers to closely manage expense to revenue – accelerating ROI.

Kandy Cloud Contact Center Services

Kandy Cloud Contact Center


Agent & Supervisor Client

The Kandy Contact Center Agent & Supervisor Clients are simple to use, yet powerful, applications that create an effective and efficient Contact Center environment. Clients provide an optimized experience across desktop & mobile providing full context across multiple channels and touchpoints.

Five9 agent console