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The way we communicate keeps evolving, employees that once got hundreds of phone calls each week now get hundreds of text messages. And that evolution isn't going to stop or even slow down, its pace will increase. So why keep spending money on PBXs that only deliver past requirements or at best the status quo? 

Kandy Business puts the future in reach with constantly evolving cloud PBX services and the latest unified communication tools. That doesn't mean ignoring traditional phone features, it means layering innovations on top of the services employees use every day. Kandy Business uses your communications budget to deliver better mobility and collaboration tools that help your organization evolve and prosper.

Kandy Business includes a suite of cloud PBX services enhanced with mobile and web-optimized communications clients.  In addition, Kandy offers turn-key customer engagement applications called Kandy Wrappers, including: Visual Attendant, and Live Support. These Wrappers make it cost effective to communication enable (voice, video, video conference) your web sites and mobile apps.

  • One solution - SMB and enterprise-ready features and services
  • Easier PBX migrations - our Nortel heritage assures hundreds of traditional PBX features
  • Compelling UC clients – our exclusive Omni technology reduces clients costs
  • Intuitive – better client experiences and web administration reduces help desk and IT staff expense

The City of L.A. Chooses Kandy!

The City of L.A Makes the Move to the Cloud with Kandy Business

Kandy Business - Services

Cloud PBX

Our Nortel heritage assures a rich set of traditional phone features

Intuitive UC Clients

Access to your business line from PC-Mac-iOS or Android devices

IM and Presence

Instant access to co-workers across the hall or across the ocean

Conferencing and Screen Sharing

Eliminate expensive dedicated services

Contact Center

Scalable, powerful multi-channel services with no upfront investment

Voice Mail & Auto Attendant

Callers always receive a professional greeting

Your Employees Need Better Communication Tools

Modern University Chooses a Cloud-based Phone System

Yorkville University

Standards-based Phones
More Choices & More Value

Leverage the power and flexibility of the Kandy Business on a wide variety of industry standard, SIP-based business phones. Unlike some of our competitors, Kandy Business doesn’t try to lock you in with proprietary hardware or costly licenses. Select the right device for each work environment: a speakerphone in the conference room, an attendant console for the receptionist, or a video- enabled display phone for an executive. No matter which phone you choose, Kandy Business will make it a powerful communication and collaboration tool.


Brochure - Kandy Business Overview

Your Partner in the Cloud

Kandy Business Solution Architecture

Includes Kandy Wrappers to Communication Enable Websites and Mobile Applications



Robust Features

Traditional Voice Services

  • Multi-call Handling Features
  • Boss/Admin Features
  • Receptionist Services
  • Call Forward & Find Me/Follow Me
  • Call Park & Pick-up
  • Hunt and UCD Groups
  • Voicemail

Advanced Features

  • Desktop and Mobile UC Clients
  • Presence/Instant Messaging
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Screen Share
  • Contact Center
  • Call Grabber
  • Kandy Wrappers

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Intuitive Smart Office UC Clients

Smart Office UC Clients