Enhance Your Website or Call Center Experience

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that complement your Kandy Business Solutions services to provide embedded real-time communications into your website or applications. Kandy Wrappers enhance customer experiences and improve productivity while keeping costs under control. Kandy wrappers offer unique value propositions that help attract more revenue, reduce the cost of making business, accelerate the resolution of issues and increase customer satisfaction.

Kandy Live Support -Whitepaper

Deliver an Omnichannel Contact Center in 30 Minutes or Less with Kandy Live Support

Expanding the Reach of the Enterprise

In today’s world where everything is about end user engagement, Kandy Wrappers lower the barrier of entry into the application space for the enterprises by enabling them to embed real-time communications into their business processes without hassle.

Kandy Wrappers provide a rapid service creation for enterprise IT organizations and enable enterprises to launch specialized applications –on mobile devices, desktops or web– that provide answers to the key demands from their customers or users. With Kandy wrappers, enterprises can add voice calls, video calls, messaging or collaboration into enterprise applications in days instead of months.

Kandy Application Wrappers can be customized, packaged and delivered quickly and affordably, at a cost factor that makes sense even for small groups. And Kandy Embedded Wrappers can be added to your existing applications to endow them with real-time communication capabilities, because sometimes the best solution to a problem is just one message or one video call away.

Native application development for multiple operating systems is expensive and requires large user bases to be economically feasible but Kandy Wrappers are multi-device and cross-platform because they leverage Kandy APIs, SDKs and pre built containers, which allow your team to deliver customized applications on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X or from a simple web browser, at a fraction of the traditional cost.