Enhance Your Website or Call Center Experience

Kandy Wrappers are pre-packaged, fully functional software applications that complement your Kandy Business Solutions services to provide embedded real-time communications into your website or applications. Kandy Wrappers enhance customer experiences and improve productivity while keeping costs under control. Kandy wrappers offer unique value propositions that help attract more revenue, reduce the cost of making business, accelerate the resolution of issues and increase customer satisfaction.

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Deliver an Omnichannel Contact Center in 30 Minutes or Less with Kandy Live Support

Reconnecting the Communications
Service Provider Value Chain

The massive applications revolution of the past decade has placed the communication service providers (CSPs) in a very unfavorable situation. CSPs face two main gaps:

  • Skillset – the tools, protocols and methodologies used for application development are very different from the ones used in the CSPs and their professionals have a high learning curve to adapt to the new model
  • Speed and time-to-market – CSP cycles for the introduction of new services are typically measured in months and many times in years but todays applications are put together and launched (even as beta products) within weeks, or even days.

Kandy Wrappers reconnect the value chain by enabling the CSP to offer a complete solution while leveraging their trusted brand and go-to-market expertise and at the same time leveraging its control of the access network to be able to provide more competitive pricing.

Service Provider Value Chain