Stay Focused – Kandy Will Take a Message

    Visual Voicemail & Fax

    Visual Voicemail & Fax

    There is nothing revolutionary about voicemail but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be better than you expected. Kandy Business delivers voicemail as well as fax messaging, from one number; making it easy for users to stay focused on the task at hand. Kandy Business offers far more than just traditional touch-tone commands; a web portal and e-mail make it easy to re-connect. Optional Transcription (voice to text) makes it easy to read and respond to messages without ever picking up the phone.

    Cloud-based Voicemail as a Service

    Kandy Business voicemail can also be purchased as a separate service, an ideal solution for large organizations that want to extend the life of their premises-based PBX and don’t want to invest in a replacement for their end of life/support voicemail system. Kandy Business voicemail integrates with most PBXs and its cloud economics means that you’ll typically pay less for Kandy mailboxes than maintenance costs for an outdated v-mail system.

    Kandy Business – Messaging Features

    Voice Mail

    Feature rich mailboxes that are accessible from a phone, web page or mobile client

    Auto Attendant

    Multi-level automated attendant services to assure calls are answered immediately and routed professionally, 24 x 7

    Speech to Text

    Read voice mail from an e-mail Inbox

    Fax Messaging

    One business number supports both voice and fax messaging

    Voicemail to Email

    Access your voicemail from your desktop or mobile email

    Web Access

    Manage greetings, voice messages and faxes from any web browser


    Modern Clients Accelerate Multimedia Access…
    No Fax Machine Required

    Voice Cell

    Kandy Business Messaging accepts both voice messages and incoming faxes. Choose traditional touch-tone voice mail commands or step up to a powerful web portal, e-mail client or mobile client. Client access enables users to quickly survey and manage voice mail or fax messages; open an attachment to listen or view the message. If transcription is enabled, voicemail messages can also be read in the message body.