Cost Effective and Reliable
SIP Trunking as a Service


Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service is a multi-tenant cloud-based solution that combines market-leading SIP trunk security and PBX federation capabilities.  Once connected, users can overlay our world-class unified communication services, to reduce costs and simplify access.  

Highly secure, scalable, and resilient, Kandy's SIP Trunking as a Service – hosted and managed in the cloud - reduces CAPEX and OPEX and enables CSPs to:

  1. Significantly reduce traditional operational challenges rolling out SIP trunking
  2. Expand global reach and expedite time to market
  3. Accelerate revenue with instant self- provisioning via intuitive portals
  4. Grow revenues and margins with new hosted PBX overlay services
  5. Differentiate and extend offers with Kandy’s innovative APIs and SDKs.
  6. Add revenue by embedding SIP trunks in business applications

Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service

Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service

Enabling Cost Effiicient, Reliable, and Innovative Business SIP Trunk Service. 

Simplify Operations and Accelerate Time to Market

Geo-Resilient Scalable Infrastructure

Deployed on Kandy’s fully redundant infrastructure that includes industry leading SBCs and application server.   Kandy reduces PBX interoperability costs, simplifies maintenance, and eliminates operational frustration.

Any Network

Quickly go to market with our comprehensive SIP Trunking capabilities.  Use any IP access network including public internet, VPN, or private networks such as T1/E1, and MPLS. 

Bring Your Own PSTN

Kandy SIP Trunking seamlessly integrates with a service provider’s own PSTN network or with any 3rd party partner; integrate DIDs, local and long distance, toll-free, emergency, and directory services.

Global Reachability

Deploy Kandy SIP Trunking globally, across multiple datacenters; serving the US, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia.

Kandy Enterprise SIP Trunking

Cost Efficient, Reliable, and Innovative Global Business SIP Trunk Service.

SIP Trunking as a Service Features

Instant SIP Trunk Provisioning

Instantly activate DID and configure SIP Trunks using Kandy’s intuitive self-service portals - for admins and users

Secure SIP Trunks

Assure robust network and user security with hosted SBC; both signaling and media encryption

PBX Extension Subscriber

Create a unified experience across multiple locations by combining SIP Trunks at one site with cloud PBX services at another site or for remote employees

Advanced Session Management

Keep employees connected to customers and coworkers by enabling advanced call treatment

Call Bursting

Provide more value by assuring that every call gets connected. Dynamically add capacity to manage unexpected call volume

QoS and SLA Assurance

Assure high quality communications and support Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with Kandy’s QoS reports & built-in analytics

SIP Trunking as a Service

SIP Trunking Service

Webify SIP Trunks to Create New
Revenue Streams & Drive Usage

Whether you are a Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service customer or have your own SIP Trunk infrastructure (built on Ribbon Communications' C20 or any other softswitch or application server), Kandy Web-based APIs can enable service providers to:

  1. Increase SIP Trunk usage
  2. Increase Average Revenue per User (ARPU)
  3. Improve customer loyalty
  4. Add new application revenue
  5. Create differentiated services
Enhance the value of your SIP Trunk service by embedding them in Everyday Business Applications

Creating Value for You and Your Customers
with Multi-Site PBX Consolidation


Removing stranded PRI capacity, across multiple sites, is often one of the biggest cost drivers for enterprises to convert to SIP Trunks.  That means that CSPs have to be prepared to integrate dozens or hundreds or sites with just as many different PBX configurations. Kandy understands the challenge and is prepared to help CSPs deliver:

  • Multi-vendor PBX interoperability
  • Hosted Enterprise SBC for secure SIP Trunks and remote user connectivity
  • Centralized Session Management across PBXs and direct phone lines
  • Secure on-net SIP Trunks with partners
  • Enhanced disaster recovery options

Differentiate and Innovate
with Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service

Simplify onboarding SIP Trunking customers, reduce your cost of operations, and add new revenue streams.

Kandy Business Solutions
SIP Trunking as a Service

Business Solutions
SIP Trunking

Move your SIP Trunking as a Service beyond Connectivity

Hosted Call Recording

Offer cloud-based call recording services over SIP Trunks. Cost effectively meet industry compliance regulations without upgrading a equipment.

Cloud Voicemail

Use SIP Trunks to migrate off legacy voice mail platforms that have exorbitant maintenance fees or that have reached end of life and add visual voicemail.

Kandy SIP Trunking as a Service Portal

SIP Trunking Portal