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Second Line on Your Mobile to Separate
Work from Your Personal Life

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Being self-employed or a small business owner is a big commitment, literally, it can take all the life out of living. Customers, vendors, partners, solicitors… everyone wants to talk or text with you and once they have your cellphone number, there is no escape. They will call you day and night, weekends and holidays, even when you are at the game with your kids or trying to get a moment of peace.

Sure, you can carry two mobile phones but that’s no bargain. It means two phones to buy, two bills to pay. And who wants all the hassle of keeping track of two devices, keeping them charged and being sure you use the right phone for the right life; it’s “two” much trouble.

Maybe you or a friend have tried a VoIP service that offers a secondary number for your phone, thru a mobile application. It’s a great concept but these apps require top notch 4G data service or the calls drop and they eat up your pricey data plan every second you’re talking. They’re just not reliable enough for everyday use and they ultimately cost too much.

That’s why we created Kandy Business Phone, it gives sole proprietors and small business owners a mobile 2nd line service that runs on their existing voice plan—not their data plan. CSPs can help their customers separate their business and personal lives. Kandy Business Phone is not just a good idea, it’s a powerful business tool that users will value. And why wouldn’t they? It helps them be more efficient, sell more and keep their customers satisfied.

Kandy Business Phone

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Communicate and conduct business with your clients on your personal mobile with a business number

A Second Line Service
that Empowers Microbusinesses

Users simply install the Kandy Business Phone App on their iOS or Android device and they are ready to make or receive calls and texts (SMS) from their business number. It’s easy to filter and catalogue incoming calls/texts, business vs. personal. And when they make calls/texts from the application, the far end sees their business caller ID. The Kandy mobile app allows them to:

  • Get a new business number (or transfer an existing number)
  • Keep their mobile phone number for personal use—all outgoing Kandy Business Phone calls will show their business phone number
  • Separate business texts, voicemail and phone calls from personal texts, voicemail and phone calls
  • Use mini-CRM capabilities to track customer interactions with notes and follow-ups
  • Get an auto-attendant to greet every call professionally (“Hi, you have reached ABC Co. Press 1 for sales, press 2 if this is an emergency…”) and direct callers to the right person or mailbox
  • Assign a distinctive ringtone for incoming business calls
  • Share the Business Phone with other members of their business (all users have the same number and share the text conversations and notes)
  • Add Kandy Visual Attendant to their business website to allow customers to call directly from the web
Business Phone is NOT a VoIP Service

Kandy Business Phone doesn’t consume pricey data plan bandwidth for calls.

Kandy Business Phone uses creative mechanisms to carry incoming and outgoing calls using the mobile provider’s voice network, assuring quality and availability.

If a user can make a mobile call, they can make a Business Phone call!

The Business Phone application does use the phone’s data connection, but only to keep track of content, messages, etc. It consumes very little data from the user’s plan and will never disrupt even the more dedicated twitting, facebooking, instagraming or youtubing habits.

Get Kandy Business Phone for Your Business

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Business Phone Features for Small Business

Business Line DID

Get a 2nd number for your business and keep your personal number for yourself

Easy to Use Mobile Application

Manage business contacts, text conversations, notes and logs, configure your greetings and features

Configurable Business Hours

Manage your customers’ expectations with configurable business hours and off-hours call treatment

Auto Attendant

Delvier a consistent, professional greeting and be sure every call is answered instantly and routed to the right person or mailbox to save you and your customers precious time

Rich Messaging

Use your business number to text (SMS), attach images and videos. Always deliver a fast and professional interaction

Mini-Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Collect quick notes on your customers. Schedule follow-ups for today, tomorrow or at a later time. Customize the quick note format and there will never be an excuse not not to track customers

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A New Weapon for CSPs to Address the SMB Space

Kandy Business phone allows CSPs to leverage the assets that Over-the-Tops (OTT) don’t own: the local phone number and combined billing.

Business Phone allows CSPs to provide the 2nd line service as part of the regular business or personal subscription and obtain additional revenue with minimal cost. And because Business Phone is provided from the Kandy cloud, there is no equipment to maintain and no maintenance personnel to train.


Kandy Business Phone provides CSPs with the following advantages:
  • Increase ARPU­ — extra revenue stream on the existing phone line
  • Churn reduction — changing mobile carriers is easy, but users think twice before giving up Business Phone and its dependable features
  • Compete in new markets — Business phone can run on other carrier’s mobile network so you can provide service anywhere in the country
  • Text enable a regular landline — enabling a regular business line with Business Phone allows users to send and receive text messages on that DID from the mobile app
  • Uses the existing voice plan — doesn’t consume data like VoIP applications and doesn’t increase minutes of use because the user is making calls on Business Phone that were done before on the regular mobile
  • Same quality as a regular phone call — because it is using the voice network, not VoIP
  • OPEX based model based on usage — pay as you grow, no CAPEX

Two Flavors to Cover the Lone Ranger and the Small and Medium Business

Individual Professionals

  • Business 2nd line with voicemail
  • Rich messaging (including pictures and videos)
  • Differentiated Business in/out call activity and contacts
  • Call notes to follow up on customers
  • IVR Auto-attendant for 24/7 professional answers
  • Configurable business hours and out-of-hours call handling
  • Uses your carriers voice plan for assured quality

Small and Medium Business

All the features of individual professionals plus:

  • Share the Business Phone line with multiple colleagues/employees
  • Conversational Rich Messaging on the Business Phone number (everyone sees incoming messaged, if one responds, everyone sees the response)
  • Shared call notes (if one person adds/updates a note, everyone sees it)
  • Web portal for easier access to all the Business Phone settings and features, as well as manage Business Phone users within your SMB
  • Visual Attendant to display the IVR auto-attendant as a menu on the SMB website — customers can now call directly from the web browser using WebRTC

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WebRTC Calling on Your Website
with Visual Attendant

Business Phone SMB includes Visual Attendant, a click-to-call interface that displays the Business Phone auto attendant menu on the business website. Customers can now call the business from the website, directly and reaching the right person via the menu selection.

The menu is automatically generated from the Business Phone auto attendant but can also be customized from an intuitive and easy to use portal. In minutes, the business website administrator can edit the menus and at the end of the process he/she just has to copy the HTML code generated by the portal and paste it in the business site in the location where the button needs to appear.

Visual Attendant uses the latest WebRTC technology to connect users but is also to connect legacy browsers and mobile users that aren’t webRTC ready–eliminating technology hiccups. Businesses will pay you for better service, you’ll get a new revenue stream and end users will have a new and easy way to get connected to the business.

visual auto attendant
visual auto attendant
visual auto attendant


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