What is CPaaS?

by Kandy, io

CPaaS stands for Communications Platform-as-a-Service, a technological trend that leverages the cloud to provide discrete communication services (voice, video, messaging, collaboration, etc.) that can be embedded into applications, websites and workflows, providing highly integrated communication tools that enable real-time collaboration.

CPaaS capabilities are consumed by means of APIs and CPaaS providers, such as Kandy, bundle these APIs on SDKs and/or plugins adapted to the development environment where these CPaaS services will be consumed (iOS, Javascript, Android, PhoneGap, Laravel, Drupal, Wordpress, etc.) providing documentation, code samples and tutorials.

With CPaaS, users can also connect seamlessly while managing multiple devices, whether from mobile, tablet, or web browser. Their communication capabilities no longer depend on their device but on their preferred application and workflow.

Kandy’s CPaaS enables highly customizable features that allow Communication Service Providers (CSP) and businesses to work together internally or to connect to their customers with an immersive, in context, end user experience.