by Kandy, io

The Web Real-Time Communications (WebRTC) API provides a platform for integrating real-time communications into websites and applications. Defined by the WebRTC open project, the WebRTC API defines the methods and functions that web browsers expose to web pages to access the media capabilities of the device (microphone, camera, etc.) and capture media from them; and it also defines ways to transfer media between browsers. Through simple webRTC API, anyone from developers to service providers can easily enable video and voice communications in their websites.

However, the WebRTC API leaves many things undefined, such as how to discover users, thus, opening the space for complex development for even basic communication functions (for example, how to make a call from a webpage to a PSTN phone number).

Kandy helps developers with a complete set of REST APIs that leverage the WebRTC API to integrate to the web browser and also embed Kandy’s full suite of features to allow PSTN breakout, subscriber presence and discovery, and more. Kandy’s WebRTC API allows integration of voice, video, chat, screen sharing, and co-browsing capabilities into existing business, web, and mobile applications.