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Braidio and GENBAND Integrate Collaborative Learning into Enterprise Workflow with GENBAND’s Kandy Platform as a Service (PaaS)

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Real-time Communications and Open APIs deliver collaborative learning for today’s workforce

Orlando, FL, March 8, 2016GENBAND, a leading provider of real-time communications, and Braidio, a cloud-based learning and talent development platform for small to medium-sized businesses and enterprise organizations, today announced they are integrating real-time communications capabilities powered by GENBAND’s Kandy Platform as a Service (PaaS) – ultimately delivering agile collaborative learning for enterprise workforces across the globe.

“For too long, enterprise learning has been relegated to clunky programs and instructor-led sessions which are removed from the day to day workflows in which people actually learn,” said Braidio CEO and founder Iain Scholnick. “Embedding Kandy’s real-time communications capabilities into our platform enhances ease of use and integration, helping employees collaborate and learn in the context of their work - the way they were meant to.”

Braidio leverages Kandy’s robust real-time communications capabilities including rich messaging, group messaging, voice and video chat and open APIs to make scalable learning, collaboration and integrated communications intuitive and accessible. Courses are easily created, developed and deployed, helping to capture essential knowledge and deliver it in the actionable formats that meet the needs of today’s increasingly knowledge-based workforce.

“We’re recognizing more and more that technology works best when it’s scaled for humans and works effortlessly,” said Paul Pluschkell, Kandy co-founder. “Much of what employees learn comes from social and peer experiences, which help drive collaboration, culture, talent and teamwork – we’re thrilled that Braidio is leveraging Kandy’s rich communications capabilities and intuitive ergonomics to further their mission of establishing an employee-driven learning economy within organizations.”

About Braidio

Braidio's cloud-based Collaborative Learning Platform focuses on three basic human activities - learning, networking and collaboration - to establish a sustainable employee-driven learning economy within your organization. Our content delivery approach enables your employees to organically integrate learning into their daily workflow while allowing the employer to build and monitor learning metrics. As a result, Braidio advances your business with talent development tools that employees will actually use, at a fraction of the cost of traditional (and under-utilized) training tools. With customers ranging from Fortune 100 enterprises to SMBs, Braidio provides a solution that is affordable, scalable and effective regardless of whether you have a few employees or offices around the globe. For more information, please visit braidio.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter

About Kandy

GENBAND’s Kandy communications Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) is a real-time software development platform built from GENBAND’s core communications, presence, security and real-time technologies. Kandy enables service providers, enterprises, software vendors, systems integrators, partners and developers to enrich their applications and services with real-time contextual communications, providing a more engaging user experience. With Kandy, companies of all sizes and types can quickly embed real-time communications capabilities into their existing applications and business processes. For more information visit kandy.io.


GENBAND, a 2015 CNBC Disruptor 50, is a global leader in real-time communications software solutions for service providers, enterprises, independent software vendors, systems integrators and developers in over 80 countries. Kandy, its award-winning, disruptive real-time communications software development platform, is built from the company’s global telecommunications network and security technologies. The platform enables these companies to easily embed a full suite of voice, video, chat, screen-sharing and collaboration capabilities into their existing business, web and mobile applications.  The company’s Network Modernization, Unified Communications, Mobility and Embedded Communications solutions enable its customers to quickly capitalize on growing market segments and introduce differentiating products, applications and services. GENBAND’s market-leading solutions, which are deployable in the network, on premise or through the cloud, help its customers connect people to each other and address the growing demands of today’s consumers and businesses for real-time communications wherever they happen to be. To learn more visit genband.com.

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